Would I benefit from HA?

Hi everybody!

I have moderate reverse-slope hearing loss. (Check my icon to see my audigram) I am getting a lot of input, but I am wondering if I would benefit from hearing aids. In my current social settings, I have trouble hearing at school, specifically in band, gym, the bus, lunch, and male-teacher classes. I also have trouble understanding conversations on the phone, at restaurants and on videos.
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Yes you will benefit from ha for complex environment like teacher and video you have to stream from remote mic and iPhone if available for better result.

What is needed and provided will vary a bit. The teacher would wear a microphone that transmits directly to your hearing aids. If your school district doesn’t have the info, they can get it from the state. Wisconsin is a well informed state on disabilities. Your parents can contact the state, if it isn’t getting done.

As to bus etc., that’s likely to remain a problem. It should improve all classroom work though.

Thanks for the answers so far!
Just adding to my original post, I have almost 100% word recognition scores. Would HA still be beneficial?

I would think so. What dB were the word recognition scores done at? Good word recognition scores suggest that hearing aids may be useful as they suggest that amplification can help.

WRS is combined with the Audiogram to project success level. You have cited difficulties in hearing in various environments. WRS is a controlled atmosphere value and not real world success value.


I’m no expert, but looking at your audiogram then I would have thought that you’d benefit from a hearing aid for your left ear at least.

Have you seen an audiologist and discussed hearing aids?

How are your parents making out dealing with the possibility of staring down the cost of HA’s? Have you looked for cost solutions for younger people? Or, of course, have they?

Thanks for all the replies!

@MDB: Assuming I am interpreting this correctly,
R: 60 dB - 92%
L: 75 dB - 92% with a 45 mask

@going2bdeaf: We did not discuss hearing aids because we did not know enough yet. I have another appointment this month so we will hopefully have things finalized

@z10user2: money is not tight in our family, but yes, I have looked into cost reductions. However, I do not think my parents have.

Thanks again for the replies!

So yes, especially on the left ear. 75 dB is fairly high and without amplification your score would likely be notably lower. Some might argue that aid isn’t needed on the right (I wouldn’t be one of them), but the left ear seems to be pretty definitive.

I have a moderate-severe reverse slope hearing loss here too! (and yes, you will benefit from hearing aids as well)