Would Bone Conduction Headphones work for me?

I have a 100% conductive loss in my left but I have a small SN loss in my right which is roughly 20 dB.

Would BC headphones work for me with my right ear?

I’ve been searching hard for a set that has individual volume on each side of the headphones but I don’t think that exists.

I’m worried it’ll be too loud in my left ear but ok in my right ear.

Looking at these.

Guess it would depend on the etiology of your conductive lost; where the disruption is.

My middle ear bones are all mused together, one solid lump. Also my ear drum doesn’t vibrate normally either.

Just set the volume to what’s comfortable. Bone conducted sound travels through the skull anyway, so there’s not much point in adjusting one side louder. It might sound like the music is off to your left a little bit. Will that bother you?

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Thanks for that. I’ll get the headphones. It won’t bother me having music more on my left side.

Music already feels like it’s on my left side as my left is set linear and my right is set with compression so music has already sounded better on my left.

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Well I finally got my BC headphones and they are great!

I have found a feature on the iPhone that allows more of the audio to go to my right so it sounds more balanced now.

Left is 100% conductive.
Right is 15 dB to 20 dB SN loss.

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I have AfterShokz.
I absolutely love them. I have RIC aids.
I can listen to music and hear everything around me at the same time.

That’s what I have. AfterShoc as well. I tried some cheaper ones on Amazon first and they didn’t work for me. I wear 1 x hearing aid and if I put that to telecoil, things sound even better. (It’s known to work better with telecoil.) I also like hearing things around me as well.

I use the as well. Not a lot, but sometimes early in the morning before I have put in my aids or at night after they are out. I was very surprised to discover that they are really pretty good. Agree that some are better than others