Would a BTE perform better for my loss?


I’m so glad to have found this community. Clearly people who like to geek out as much as I do. I have some background in signal processing from my work so it’s really nice to be able to get so much info.

I’ve been reading and reading. I’m having a lot of problems with my RIC tests (Oticon Opn 1 and resound linx 3d 9) in noisy environments. Even just with a few voices it always sounds like the receiver is being over loaded (like if you turned your amp up to 11 and it couldnt handle it).

I’m wondering if moving the receiver further away into a BTE until would improve this with my unusual loss. I know it’s not as severe as most BTE users but I’m also anticipating it worsening quickly.

I’m also wondering as I was a professional musician with advanced classical training, whether my ear just work a bit differently from other people’s as they have been trained to pick up small differences in timbre. Thanks!


It sounds like they need adjustment. Mine get a little distorted and with a sharp response if I change to vented domes. If I raise the bass it goes away. If I put my fingers in my ears to seal it goes away. So Rasmus was correct again in that I need to increase the bass when wearing the vented domes.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the receiver style. If anything I would think the speaker sitting directly in front of the eardrum would be a purer sound than sending the sound down a plastic tube. But I know lots of people get good results with the BTE.


Thanks. I have been playing with the linx app and when I turn down the bass all the way it’s a lot better without the distortion but then I can’t understand better either! That’s why I’m wondering if I troublenprcessing the sound when it’s blasted so close to my (normally functioning) eardrum. I have mini earmolds


it could if the blue line comes down to where I am :slight_smile:


So that tells you what the issue is, but your pro can make the adjustment to really fix it and retain audibility.


No, the sound pressure level at the drum will be the same irrespective of where the receiver is.

It just sounds like it’s poorly adjusted TBH.


Thanks. I shouldn’t have left with the linx3d like that (it’s a demo) but when I first put it in, it was so much better than my malfunctioning Opn that it sounded good. The Opn was distorting so much (kind of jagged reverb to where everything had a kkkccchhhh kkkkkccchhh around it) and eventually she listened to it and told me it was a problem with the aid. It really sounded to me as though we were over taxing the receiver (like cheap earbuds at too high a volume).


It’s what happens when the receiver has a drive rod weld failure - sounds like speaker that has been over-driven and the cone has failed.


BINGO!!.. this can start off not so bad and get progressively worse can’t it?


Yes, as the gap in the drive rod increases from the reed armature.


Amazing! Thanks so much. I’m in to see her next week to pick up the repaired Opn with a higher power receiver. I must say that I am leaning toward switching to the linx because of the app, though if the Opn functioned well without needing tweaks that would be ok too


I had a problem with constant saturated sound on one of my OPN receivers as well after about a year of service. Had to replace it.

The other receiver had some kind of intermittent bad connection within 6 month of service and had to be replaced, too.


Thanks. Any problems with other brands? Did you stick with Opn?


Yeah I stuck with the OPN because I like it a lot. To me, receiver failure is part of the normal wear and tear process. If they last a year or so then it’s OK with me. I’m still under warranty anyway so I don’t mind. After the warranty period, receivers shouldn’t be too expensive to replace either.


Thanks. I’m very curious to see how it is when it is fixed.


If you’re upgrading from an 85dB receiver to a 100dB, hopefully you will not encounter receiver failure due to regular overdriving as much/often since there’s more headroom to accommodate the needed amplification.

It shouldn’t sound different but it should sound clean.


Hi Lopsided

I speak with the limited knowledge I have but hope it helps. I was diagnosed as young adult with a significant loss in both ears and was recommended a pair of BTE aids which sure enough improved things. Did I use them? Well no as vanity and fact that it had always been like that pursuaded me to go alone. Anyway short time ago I was sick of the concentration involved tryin to translate what I could hear into sense and not being able watch tv. I rook note and have a pattern simelar to yours but not so dramatic. It goes like both ears start at 50db and mid range down just below 70 then right goes up n left does magic n tries to disappear… I didn’t want anyone to know but it was recommended that I had the ones that kinda fit over the ear as it would give better results so was given a pair of resound danalogic I think UP ones but can’t see exact model but are designed for mild to severe loss and work in tandem so if turn down they do same in both so like just turning down volume of stereo for normal hearing. Reason behind is that totally invisible ones can’t produce the same results if hearing is bordering severe or worse and also these supposed to just be more natural sounding as it’s a real comfy fit and allows natural sound i.e. Don’t feel blocked. It’s just a wire and a dome thing for me but can b done with a mold. After all the years refusing to get checked n thinking that the whole universe would be pointing big fingers at me I’m quite happy with the results and they are really comfy. Also can have up to 4 different programmes built in so you can switch to your favourable mode depending on environment. Also has option for masking tinnitus but don’t think anything gonna calm my beast but no prob cos the persistent thing always been there so don’t bother me. Prob like it sounds am selling the thing but the BHE type are more flexible than the ones you describe but I speak as a novice as am only now taking interest.

That is just my take and you obviously have more tech knowledge than self but am just going on what was recommended for me cos they are all singing dancing and can be adapted to most types of hearing loss. You like self ain’t got the normal pattern of things an sometimes it’s hard to get right. Hope you find something that suits your needs cos the advances are fantastic even since my first pair of digital ones that never used.

Best of luck😻


Thanks for your thoughts on this @el.huron