Worth the upgrade? (Phonak Audeo Yes IX) - Experience on Similar Upgrades

Hi all,

Just discovered this forum - some interesting topics. I’ve been wearing hearing aids all my life, so the experience isn’t new to me, but the technology is! I’ve had my Phonak Audeo Yes IX for about 6 or 7 years now (can’t remember exactly how long) and while they still function, a test of the hearing aid 6 months ago found the output needed to be increased by about 40%! No wonder everything was getting quiet. I’ve been advised that I should start to consider new hearing aids within the next 12-18 months.

I’ve been told that Phonak should be releasing a model with built in bluetooth around April next year, but after some research I’ve discovered the Starkey Halo with Bluetooth that’s out now.

My question to everyone out there - has anyone upgraded from a similar generation of my hearing aids to a recent generation; and if so - how did you find it? I’m interested to hear your thoughts to determine if I should begin my aid search now or wait a year or two.