Worst Audi appointment and worst Costco hearing Center

just came back from Costco and my appointment was a disastrous. The fitter prepared Phonak M70 (NOT KS9) and started programming it. My sound was terrible , her sound was fine but we was in a quiet room. I asked to go around the shop (she mentioned although this is not their rule but she will make exception!) and when am out sound was so muffled for all around(like all) and there was a lot of vacuum in my ear. When I came, she just increased the gain slightly and when I said its almost the same she told me “unfortunately this is the quality what Costco have now as this is a medium level”. Then I asked what other aid may be suitable for my loss then shocked me “ I don’t think we have any and with your loss and as you liked the OPN sound you should buy it.”.!!!

Note: they have REXTON ADORE, Philips, RESOUND.

I then asked to try the Rexton Adore and asked her about it, she mentioned it’s a premium one and higher than KS9 or Marvel M90 (she mentioned Costco doesn’t have KS9 now)… what’s???
I asked to try the Rexton and she got the Adore Li and the sound was better (both mine and her) but too much bass and some how low. I walked around for a minute and sounds were muffled (again same vacuum) and when am back I told her please put the noise reduction to minimum as I almost can not hear and there is vacuum in my ears. She did so but still feel vacuum and sounds are muffled. When am back I told her shouldn’t we do REM, she mentioned we only do REM after you purchase as there is no time to do this for each aid I have to try!!! What,? I asked how can I pay for a product which am not sure it will work and her reply was “ that’s how it works in Costco you buy and you have 90 days to return if not satisfied. her advise that she doesn’t see Rexton is power enough for my loss and purchase Phonak M70 which, she said will not be the same as M90 as quality of sound and not suitable???
Her words “ you are young and active and Costco products are not covering such loss or style !!!
(All this without doing any REM)
I thanked her for the time and left.

This is the worst appointment with a professional I ever have. Although she was polite , but she gave me the impression she is selective and looking for client/ patient who just purchase a unit and doesn’t bother them with adjustments or sound quality.:rage:

Is it really hard to find a good Audi who understands the pressure and frustration we have to live with our loss!


Are you close to another costco? Not what I have seen here.


Dont put up with this crap. Find someone who is genuinely interested in working with you

This is one I’d definitely report to someone higher up on Costco. It actually sounds like she went to work there just to bad mouth everything they have.

It’s been true in my experience that they do the REM when they fit you with your own aids that you have ordered.

Is this Canada or UK? Here in the US, Costco people have no incentive to try to sell you anything as they don’t work on commission; they do not have or sell Phonak aids; and of course in US the trial is 180 days (which is irrelevant if you don’t like the aids from the get-go).


I was totally frustrated of this appointment.
Unfortunately this was Costco Canada and yes they don’t work on incentives or commissions from manufacturer(and maybe this was the issue she doesn’t care)
My main issue that she gave me the impression she doesn’t care and she only want to work with clients whom doesn’t ask questions and accept whatever she do.

There is another Costco about 30 min driving . Will try my chances again over there.


They dont carry the ks9 phonak marvels in Canada?

This what she mentioned that there is no KS series anymore in Costco and was replaced by these manufacturers (Rexton, Resound, Phonak M70 and Philips). This what gave me the feeling something is not right .
Also, at the beginning she mentioned the Phonak is medium level which is not suitable for my loss because it’s not power enough, but when I asked “isn’t power coming from the receiver which is interchangeable and for my loss I shall use the P receiver?” she just looked at me for while then said yes you are right!

I get the impression at Costco that the fitters get pressured into rotating their suggestions to make all their vendors happier. Do plenty of your own homework. The implication that the phonak is not powerful enough for your audiogram is a load of b.s.

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Maybe, but at least she should also give clients the right professional description and guide to the best suitable solution.
Yes the Phonak power issue which gave me the red flag “RUN OUT”

I don’t know where you went, if anywhere, but it wasn’t Costco. They don’t sell the Phonak M70. Plus, everything they do sell would handle your loss.


Well it’s definitely the same Costco branch I go for shopping the last 7 years.
And yes, it’s Phonak M70 ( written on it Phonak) and as defined by software. Target 6.0.1 was the software with Wireless NoahLink. (notice this is Canada :canada: not USA).
I know all the brands they sell handles my loss and that what’s why I understood she just need someone to sell him aids as an amplifier without any headache of questions or tweaks

If it was me I would go to the other costco and see what happens. Reflect on what you may have done to be treated that way. Not to imply you did anything wrong. But realize you need their help to get this working well. It is a quid pro quo. They want your money and you want good working aids. You need to work together. Don’t go in with a bad attitude or disparage the other costco. If all goes well deal with the other costco by going up the chain and don’t get the one that works involved.

Just my 2 cents, you mileage may vary.
Good luck


It seems to be becoming more and more common for people to refer to the KS9s as Phonak Marvels, but they aren’t the same thing, and when the KS9s first came out, there was considerable discussion in the forum of the differences, which are more than just no rechargeable, no tinnitus, and no telecom. Yes, they are made by Phonak, but the cases and mic position aren’t even the same.

I have the KS9s right now and will probably keep them, but I’m not kidding myself that they’re the same as the Marvels. They are a similar but less feature-rich hearing aid that sells for a quarter the price.


Maybe you’re expecting too much understanding of your perceived “pressure and frustration”. That’s not an issue with which I’d expect an audiologist to address. I’m trying to follow your diatribe.


That last post of mine was supposed to say, “no rechargeable, no tinnitus, and no telecoil.” Can’t seem to edit it to correct.

I kept thinking if I did something wrong but nothing except reading about KS8, KS9 and differences with Phonak original Marvel.
Even my wife was there and she told me “this is a miss. They either don’t know how to adjust it or not willing to do the effort” and her hearing is perfect. Yes, am going to try another Costco branch and hope they will be more professional.

The one I tested was definitely MARVEL M70 and Phonak was printed on its silver case. I knew (she also mentioned) it is a defeatured version of Phonak.

You are right and yes am frustrated because I have been in this trials since May and had high hopes on Costco.

Thanks for sharing. While I previously read this article, the feature which I did care about was the BINAURAL voice streaming Technologi as he mentioned he is not sure if this is available in KS9 or not.
The position of microphone which help for wind noise was also something catchy . But to tell you the truth, I clearly hear wind noise in my left ear when I stand up (or move my head fast) and this is for the Marvel M90(indoors )and outdoor is worse). Also, many people here reported the same for the Marvel.