Worsening feedback

I’ve always gotten some feedback in my right ear (ReSound LiNX 3D 961’s) from the usual causes like holding my hand near the ear, or leaning back on a recliner. I think it’s been getting gradually worse, or maybe it’s bothering me more, which is part of the reason I went for mold impressions on Friday (audiologist wanted to do them a couple of months ago). Going back the Thursday after next to get the molds.

But in the last couple of days the right ear feedback has gotten really bad. Standing in the kitchen, not near any walls, and tapping a spoon on a coffee jar causes momentary ringing in that ear. Walking into a powder room with tiled walls and floor causes ringing, and flipping the light switch in that room on or off sets off momentary ringing. I think I’m also hearing some ringing while just walking outside, but that’s harder to pin down because of ambient noises. Changing to a new pair of domes (power domes in both ears) didn’t help. Pulling out and re-inserting the right aid might help for a little while, but it comes back.

The aids were lying on the desk, powered off, during the impression procedure, and they weren’t hooked up to the configuration software at any point on this visit. As for my ear, the cleaning, and insertion of the cotton otoblock(?) were uncomfortable, but I’m pretty sure my ear came out unchanged. The audiologist noticed some redness in the left ear, but that’s not the one with the feedback problem. No lingering pain in either ear.

So, does anyone have any idea what’s going on? The right aid and receiver seem to be functioning normally other than the feedback, so I’m hesitant to think that a replacement aid will solve it.

Wax can cause feedback.

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Receiver and wax guard are clean.

Is this possibly an adjustment issue? I have Costco ReSound Forte 8s, essentially the same as your 3D 961s and fitted with power domes, but I don’t have any feedback issues now. I did at first, though, at the fitting. The HAS tweaked something and I’ve had no feedback since.

It might be an adjustment issue. But that raises other questions, since the aid wasn’t adjusted around the time the feedback got worse. It wasn’t connected to the audiologist’s fitting software, and I didn’t install new settings through ReSound Assist. If it fell out of adjustment by itself then maybe there is something wrong with that aid.

OK, but I think my ears are pretty clear after the mold impressions on Friday.

Interestingly, my right aid seems fine at the moment. It was acting up before I went out, but behaved pretty well when I was out, and is ok now back at home. It’s been powered on and in my ear the whole time. I went through some program and mode changes during that time.

From my read of your description, I wouldn’t call “ringing” feedback. I think of feedback more of as a high pitched squeal. That said, it doesn’t explain what’s causing it. My guess is maybe something wrong with the hearing aid.

@MDB, I agree, something is wrong with the hearing aid. My audiologist put both aids in their desiccator, heard no distortion when she listened to them afterwards, and returned them to me. But the problems recurred when I got home, so I went back to the audiologist and got a loaner pair of the same model, while my aids went to ReSound. The loaners sounded great.

My aids came back from ReSound around the same time my new molds were ready. The audiologist put the new molds on my returned aids, so she apparently had confidence in the repair work. But the molds were unsatisfactory because of excessive feedback on both sides (reported by the fitting software, and also just from putting hands near my ears), and inability to get enough right-ear gain in real-ear measurement. So they took another impression, open-jaw this time, and sent me home with my aids, fitted with my usual domes.

Right away I noticed that my aids sounded worse than the loaners. Within a couple of days I started hearing the noises I described above, and my wife tells me she hears the noises too, leaking out of the right aid. At this point I think I have to insist on a completely new pair of aids, since ReSound has shown that they can’t or won’t fix them. I think they may have recased them, since the battery doors feel tighter, but that’s all. I also think that introduction of a new pair of aids (replacements or loaners) and introduction of molds have to be separated by at least a week, so it’ll be clear what’s going on.

I know it may sound obvious, but check very carefully the fit of the earpeice to the receiver. I have the same aids you do and one day I found I had terrible feedback. When I went to remove the aid, the earpiece stayed in my left ear. I had to go to the MinuteClinic (I was out of town at the time) to have it extracted.

Thanks, but they’ve gone through too many hands and been seen by too many eyes for that to be the problem.

I don’t know if this will help–I’m not an audiologist, but I’ve had some feedback issues with my HAs too (a different brand than you wear). A few days ago, I watched an educational presentation on Audiologyonline.com–these presentations are basically meant for hearing care professionals, but I do enjoy watching them and learning about the latest in hearing care. Anyway, in the particular lecture I watched, the presenter stated that if excessive feedback occurs after feedback programs have been run and fitting adjustments have been made, then audiologists should go back to what they learned in “Audiology 101,”) i.e, “make sure that the receiver wire is not stuck up against the ear canal.” If you haven’t done it already, it might worth a shot to jiggle the receiver and wire around a little and see if the feedback lessens. Maybe you need a longer or shorter receiver wire as well?

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I put the aids into my new Dry & Store for a couple of hours, and got a few hours of trouble-free use out of them before the noises started again. So maybe it’s a moisture issue. Not that I get them wet, which I don’t, rather they might have a defect that makes them sensitive to normal humidity. It isn’t simple feedback, it’s weirder than that.

It’s good that the spurious noises leak out and my wife can hear them also, or I might start doubting myself in the face of ReSound’s claim that they replaced all components. I told my audiologist that I want a new pair of aids. She contacted ReSound and they’ve offered to upgrade me to Quattros. That would be a no-brainer if it weren’t for the rechargeability which I consider a big disadvantage. But maybe the improvements are worth putting up with rechargeability, or getting the 13 battery model.

Hey all, I have to give a BIG shout out to richnfamus. :+1: It seems this was my issue. I got new devices just this past Saturday and went from a good start to feedback just 48 hours later! :anguished: So I start reading the forum on ‘feedback’ and I’m thinking blimey, this is a complex subject… :confused: Then I get to Rich’s post and I think hey, maybe… I think, in an effort to get a better seal I was pushing the dome too far in. I’ve tugged on the wire (and thus dome receiver) just a teency bit to pull it away and voila, no more feedback!
Fingers crossed!

I think I’d wait until you get the new molds. As molds get old the get stiff and may not seal as well.

Thanks for the shout-out, @dodster, but all I did was pass along a suggestion that I remembered hearing about in an educational presentation on audiologyonline.com, and I believe that at least one of the hearing professionals here on the Forum has suggested trying to make sure that the wire is not stuck up against the ear canal as well. I can’t say it was a solution for my feedback issues, but it may work for you and others. Cheers.

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