World's smallest Bluetooth module: Will we see this in next generation hearing aids?

They mention hearing aids as one possible use. Most of the new developments lately have been in the wireless area. Looks like a pretty good device.

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not sure about the same technology but I would say that the hearing aids that I am wearing has a smaller bluetooth chip than that chip they are showing.

Yeah, Chuck, I can’t see it used as pictured. They would probably do a custom version for HA manufacturers. Hearing aids have a way of squeezing an awful lot into a small space. When I looked up the Marvels on the FCC website and looked at internal photos, I didn’t see much that I recognized. I would like to see the factory where they are made.

You’d probably need a microscope!!

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Definitely! The last few years of my professional life, I did most of my work under a binocular microscope. The things I did would be huge compared to hearing aid innards.

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I left the electronic technician field because I could no longer see the components to do the repairs. And became a software engineer/troubleshooter.