Workers' Compensation Board claim denied

After waiting for close to six months to see if I’d be approved for a hearing loss claim through Worker’s Compensation Board, I was denied. Bummer. I need them anyway so, I thought I’ll just go ahead and order and pay for them myself. I had already made up my mind on the Kirkland KS9’s, and called Costco for an appointment. I thought, what with Covid-19 and all, it would take forever to get an appointment. Well, I called this morning, had an appointment for this evening and purchased the KS9’s. I was told they should be here a couple days and I should be able to be fitted most likely early next week, possibly sooner!! (mind blown)!! I start my journey!:blush:


I called and was told it would be at least 2 months. I called another Costco nearby and got in in three days.

Received my aids about a week ago! So far so good!!:blush:

The denial might have been a blessing?

I think you’re right! I’m very pleased with the KS9s so far.