Workaround for android and some BT annoyances (app that allows 2 click select to choose call or media, tested on Marvel M90)

I’ve stumbled upon one app that had widget to connect or disconnect BT device with one click.

Seeing that it shows headset (BT call) and media (BT media streaming) as separate icons, plus seeing that in the app itself it’s possible to disconnect each separately, I’ve contacted the developer and asked if it would be feasible to extend the widget so that we, HA wearers, can have fast solution to switch between BT call and BT streaming for our Marvels.

And he made it! Check here at google play store

So now it’s really 2 clicks away, and we don’t need to go through bunch of options anymore.

Use case? When you want to stay connected in case you get some call, but you don’t want to hear media sounds (that includes various clicks or silent notifications) until you really want to listen media.

You can either setup widget to be simple, so one click to connect to BT device, one click to disconnect. Or you can put widget into advanced mode, then it has second screen where you can choose which type you want to turn off.

I thought it’s worth sharing with everyone here :slight_smile:

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Sweet! Thank you!

I’m gonna thank you again so I can get to the minimum size post! :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing.

Interesting, my Resound Prezas don’t show up in the devices in the app. The breaks in audio anytime there’s a notification or I’m scrolling through FB or twitter while I’m using my TV streamer has been driving me nuts, this sounds like a great solution.

ETA: Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:

Thank you. Thank you for this information

Boo, I’ve got an iPhone. Hopefully he’ll come out with an iPhone app.

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Thanks a lot, will give it a try!

That’s weird, I mean, the app recognise all paired devices that are headsets basically. Maybe resound then doesn’t present them as headsets :frowning:

I dont understand what the app does that the phone does not do. I can select if i want only media or phone call and media or only phone call in bt settings of that pairing. Or in a call choose to use speaker of phone or bt speaker or phone speaker :slight_smile:

Nothing, just with 2 clicks instead of going into the menues and not clicking wrong thing :joy:

So just a convenience.

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Lol. So i wont install. I have so limited space its scary. :slight_smile:

Does Resound still use Low Energy Bluetooth instead of Classic used by Phonak?? My Resound’s are 5 years old, but they only connect with iPhone because they use the LE Bluetooth and I thought Resound came out with aids using Google’s new LE standard. If so, this app may only be looking at classic bluetooth.

I think they’re set up differently from a regular Bluetooth headset, there’s no option to connect for audio/phone calls etc.