Work are funding half of a Phonak Marvel BTE HA

I love my Phonak Audeo M50 but I have found that it’s unsuitable for my type of work.

I work with people with learning difficulties and one person lashed out and her arm wracked me on my ear and it broke my receiver.

Work have agreed to pay for half of a BTE Marvel hearing aid so I’ve decided instead of buying off eBay, I’ll be buying from a private audiologist.

Even tho I’ve got a Sky B90, I’m finding the tinnitus feature of the Audeo M50, to be very good for me so I won’t be getting a Sky model again. I don’t suffer from tinnitus but I find having pink noise great to help me concentrate.

I can only imagine how hard you got hit to break the receiver.
Did you see stars?
The Marvel aids are nice.

I didn’t really explain it very well. It was the wire that goes into the receiver that broke. I see the wire and the receiver to be the same thing.

I understand fully if the Marvels are working go with them. It hard when a student does that. I hope you where not badly hurt. Good luck.

I’m getting a bit fed up of bluetooth and how it doesn’t travel through our bodies.

With both my M50 and my B90, I struggle to listen to music when having my iPhone in my backpack.

I need to use a backpack due to issues with my spine.

I seriously wish my M50 had telecoil so I could use a simple neck-loop.

I’m currently wearing my B90 to get the telecoil.

Your B90 and the Compilot2 Bluetooth are not working right for you?
The Marvel aids do come with T coils.
I am hopefthe next generation Phonaks have improved the Bluetooth strength and connections.

Oh, I thought the 312 Audeo didn’t have telecoil. I thought it was just the 13T. I’ll have to get a new laptop and investigate more. I’ll have to see if work will find a slightly different Marvel for me.

My ComPilot (both my II and my Air) seem to not really connect well to my iPhone in my backpack as my body is in the way.

I also get cut outs on my M50. If I have my iPhone in my left hand, it doesn’t cut out.

Not sure about 312 Audeo aids having a T coil. I could look. My Audeo M90 RT aids do have the T coils.
The KS9 aids are 312 and do come with a T coil. So I would bet the 312 Audeo are available with T coils.

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Using the TV connector I get a left or right drop out sometimes pending on how my head is pointed to the TV connector. I sit about 20 feet from the TV.

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Outside I wear phone in my hip bag that I have around my centre, but if I turn my head (to check the cars on the street before crossing) then sound breaks on the ear that’s further away.

312 comes with T, as does 13.
And mind you, size of 13T really isn’t noticeably bigger than 312T. I had both, both work well with my eyeglasses and ears and sweatband around the head (not thick one but from buff) plus a sunhat.

I mean, yes, you can see the difference when you put them side by side, but on ears, I really can’t tell which is there since I don’t feel any of it.

I didn’t test select outside, that is easier to carry than tv connector with battery, but it’s the same tech. If I remember to bring it with me next time I’m out, I’ll post my findings.

I would expect they’d do better, because when I’m inside, I get somewhat better range and through more walls using TV connector signal than BT on phone.

I was thinking about wearing the phone on strap on my neck to test the signal when it’s higher up, but my case doesn’t have loops for neckband so I didn’t test in practice. Since I’ve also noticed that if I hold it up, signal is better.

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