Word Recognition Test

What does this mean. No one said anything about standard. What are you talking about?

I don’t think reporting a percentage hearing loss in a is anything that is done routinely and when it is done I don’t think it is used consistently. Word recognition scores are given as a percentage correct. The count the dots articulation index is given as a percentage correct.


Really sorry to hear you lost your job. I am a teacher with severe loss and worried about that also. I hope you are able to get some improvement with HAs. I am trying different ones but finding the whole business exhausting and confusing. But hopefully perseverance will produce results. I find this forum very reassuring, reading everyone’s stories.

It has been 25 years since I taught. I miss it but I know if something goes wrong with the hearing aids I would not be able to hear the students. If I take the hearing aids out I basically hear nothing. Wearing them about 14 to 16 hours each day. Cannot do physical work due to effects of agent orange and bones deteriorating. You learn to live with it. I am lucky to have my wife of 53 years to help out. Even she gets tired of repeating. Only good thing is when I lay down to sleep I do not hear anything except the constant ringing in the ears that I am used to. I sleep really sound. To get me up you have to shake me. You will get used to the hearing loss with time do not give up. Just find someone you can lean on for support.

Have you considered cochlear implants? You sound like me about not hearing and wife complaining. You word recognition sure sounds like a shoe in for implants. When you get tired enough not hearing, implants work for most of us.

Eventually I will get the cochlear. What I really want is a whole body transplant. I want my brain put into and android body. Just a matter of time.

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For me as a British woman it has been a real eye-opener reading so many comments by American war veterans. You have touched my heart.