Word recognition. Does it always get worse with increased loss


Have had HA for minimal loss and word recognition was 100% once corrected Now that I have lost more at 2k and 4K the word recognition was 85%.in my good ear Before my HAs were like a nice filter like putting on glasses. Now we are dealing with the real deal in hearing loss. Any insight as far as word recognition would get worse? Might I expect it to get even worse with further aging?



As I’ve gotten better aids my word recognition seems to have improved.



What brand Aids do you wear. My Beltone Boost Plus are great for everything but understanding speech . If no background noise the are pretty good but not if music or other noise



My question was about testing. When tested by audiologist I always had 100%. Went to ENT and was tested in booth. On that side and I only had 85% on the report. Nor wearing my HAs at the time. Saw this on report after I picked up a copy to bring to office that services my brand. Wondered what that was about

I know if people get HAS too many years after losing hearing their brain doesn’t process the sounds as well, but that is not my case.



I have been with Oticon for over 10 yrs. Now OPN1s. Truthfully, I don’t place much confidence in the word recognition test in any event since so much depends upon the articulation and enunciation.