Won't let me pass another audiogram


So… since my hearing had get very worse, I’ve call my audiologist. My last audiogram was 8month ago. She asked me if I went to the ENT and what he had said. Il respond that he tell me to pass another audiogram in january, one year later.

He also said that if it had get worse, to call for another audiogram. On my lastest one, with the audiologist, it was also writed to call for another one if it was getting worse.

She said that if I needed hearing aids I should try BUT that my latest audiogram was too low and that I should wait. Even if I said I was asking people to repeat themselve, even if I ask her many time to repeat.

After that, I talked about that to my mom and she said to stop milk, that was causing my tinnitus and hearing loss (even if she was there when the ENT said it is probably caused to my birth). She got angry when I tell her that I already had reduce my milk consommation and that I really need another audiogram. She was angry and said to stop complaining and to call the ENT, that he will say the same thing she said. (She get mad at nothing theses days… Like really… a nothing can get her angry)

I don’t know what to do. I’m at my last year in 3D animation. I’ll have interviews simulations with real video game studios and the portfolio party in full of people and I’ll need to understand what they’ll say. I can’t hear sound in my music that I was hearing before and I have to put the sound very loud so don’t listening my music often and it was a great way to escape from my problems, to distract me from my tinnitus and now…

I know there isn’t many things to do except call the ENT or see another audiologist clinic (this would irritate my mom and I need to tell her because of the insurances) but it stressing me out I don’t know why. This night I had a dream/nightmare where even if my audiogram was very worse than the first, they were refuse again.


Calm down. Listening to loud music will just make your hearing worse. Find a new audiologist you trust and have a new test.


Yeau it’s why I almost completly stop to listening to music. Aa for the new audiologist, my mother’s not feeling well these days and I don’t have the energy to have an argument with her right now. I’ll try but she won’t appreciate


You mention being in the last year of a 3D animation program. You may be able to get some form of help from your school. I recall you writing you’re from Québec. I’m originally from Montréal. Back when I lived there, I was able to use the student health services of the university to get some help about health issues that surfaced while I was a student. Even a Cégep should have student health services. They may not be able to just give you another hearing test but they may be able to help convince your mother (or anyone else that needs convincing) that you need further examination.


You don’t have to tell you mom. Just pay for the hearing test. You are an adult.


Ditto what Neville said.

I’m not sure how things work in Quebec but you should be able to walk into any hearing clinic (probably with an appointment) and do a hearing test for free and get the audiogram. They’ll want to sell you something of course. Listen politely and interestedly and be shocked and surprised at the cost then say you’ll think about it and leave.
You’ll need to start into the conversation saying all the things you’re saying here so that they know you might be a customer. They’ll be surprised at your age and the difficulties you’re having.

It’s at the point of deciding to get hearing assistance that you’ll need money. Either by your parents employee health benefits or maybe they have an additional health insurance plan or of course just by way of the public health system.

No Mom’s required up to the money part. And maybe not even that.


I know I’m an adult but I don’t have that much of money (and I have to pay for school books) and have much difficulties to lie (even if I did 10 years of drama art) and tend to stress if I have to do that. For hearing aids, I could see if medical insurrance could pay. I’ll see but jut to think of it stress me like no possible.


Have you ever been tested for central auditory processing disorder? CAPD or APD for short.

Most people with APD have normal pure tone thresholds but have varying (from mile to severe) difficulty in understanding speech in noise. Music and other sounds too, but mainly speech issues.

It’s somewhat difficult to get a diagnosis, as there aren’t many audiologist that are familiar and dont know how much more difficult finding someone will be for you in Quebec… but maybe just knowing what you may potentially have will help conversation with your mom, the ENT and your current audiologist.


Your audiogram looks very good compared to most.

Just get another audiogram done if you think there has been change.

Preserve what you have. Keep headphones to a reasonable volume. You can use an equaliser when listening to music to shape the sound without whacking the volume up too high.

Panicking over things achieves nothing. I wish someone would say to me that my hearing was too good for HAs :slight_smile:

Think positive.


Like I’ve said, it was getting very worse and it was why I asked my audiologist if I could get another one. I also have tinnitus and they gettint louder and louder and sometimes I struggle to ignore it.


You’ve probably got $80–buy one less textbook and access it at the library or photocopy a friend’s–and it’s possible that the hearing test will just be free. Goodness, I’ll do one for free, but it’s probably cheaper in the long run to pay for one there than to drive to Ontario. :smiley:

It just seems like you are very anxious about this. A new hearing test seems worth the peace of mind, even if it comes back identical. If it comes back showing a significant drop, that is something that needs to be pursued and also worth the cost. This is a very small, straight-forward thing that you can do. You wouldn’t be lying to your mother, you would just be supporting yourself, making your own choices.


Hi Alex

I think you need to stop stressing so much as your hearing won’t get worse while you take time to sort this out. I had difficulties when I was young like having copy notes from school cos couldn’t keep up with what was said. I never got tested when young n maybe cos was off school and when I complained my ears felt fuzzy it was put down to earache. As young adult I went several times to gp as th loud buzzing would get really loud and I felt like I was almost completely deaf but doc said all looked fine and was prob wax and I felt fobbed off. I went private and audiograph showed significant loss in both ears and should be using aids which I got. Through vanity I didn’t use sonthen just recently my fella saw that they were doing appointments with a hearing specialist and made an appointment. He sails that he was concerned as I ignored him a lot and it was either me being a bit funny or else was my ears. This was 8 years since my first audiogramme and not much had changed but my now audiologist explained I had moderate to severe loss in both ears and after a few appoint,mets was fitted with 2 hearing aids. I got thro school and did further education and became a teacher so somehow I’d learned my own language and could usually get what people meant. Don’t worry too much as with time you will get sorted and whether you have aids or not it won’t affect any deterioration with your hearing. Yes it must be so frustrating and like you I’d play loud music so I could hear it properly and also got rid of that mad buzzing in my head which I now know is tinnitus and have kinda got used to it now even though it’s really quite loud cos used to think that’s why I couldn’t hear some things over the noise. I would say tho that it’s not a good idea to play your music too loud cos just from experience when I was a kid it used to make the buzzing louder after and my ears felt a bit kinda numb so even though you may need it that way to enjoy it could damage your hearing further. Suppose my point is not to wowrry cos if you have hearing loss from birth, like myself, then that can’t be changed but as you get a little older you’ll be able to make your own decisions. Do talk again with mom cos I didn’t and so the problem was overlooked. I assure you that having to wait a little won’t affect your hearing whether it get worse or not. I do empathise tho cos it’s damn well frustrating and the tinnitus can drive us mad but try to live with it. Until 8 years ago I thought everyone must hear like me and have a swarm of bees in their head. Good luck and let me know how u get on :unicorn::smile_cat::cat2::paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:


Ps I read an earlier message regarding the cost. If you can get the dosh together it will be Monet well spent. Am lucky here in Wales that I’ve now gone through the health system but if u can go do it and you will have no regrete. Most important do stop worrying cos you most definitely not on your own. You have made good decision to join this group cos the advice I’ve received has been priceless :cat2::unicorn::heart_eyes_cat::paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:


Weighing in with my own 2-cents’ worth: do NOT panic! First off: your hearing loss is likely NOT due to milk, and in any case, the main thing here is to get it checked and attended to.

You may need to take up a part-time JOB to pay for the audiogram. Yes, life is tough and deals us the occasional challenge. As others have suggested, ask at your school what kind of financial assistance they may provide. If there is a student health clinic, have the doc there write you an Rx for the hearing test.

Don’t give up. Don’t let your mom drag you down. Face this challenge like a POSITIVE, cuz the outcome will probably be for the best. Let us know how it works out.