Wondering, Is this you too?


Having profound hearing loss, I find that by the end of the day, it seems I do not hear as well as at the beginning of my day.
I wonder if it’s because, even though I wear hearing aids, I seem to struggle to hear throughout the day depending on the situation, restaurants, loud places in general, trying to communicate in a room with many people.
I imagine everyone probably goes through this regardless of your hearing loss.
By the end of the day, sounds seem a little more muffled and not as clear as when I first put my hearing aids in.
In the morning sounds are crisp, clear, and my understanding of speech is good. By night time, not so much.
I wonder if our ears / brain just gets tired.



Exactly what is happening. Everything effects everything else. Physical exhaustion, mental fatigue, emotional state, hunger, all of it effects every aspect of all that we do. Nothing is done as well when we’re tired, physically or mentally, or in a negative emotional state. The amount of attentive focus required increases as we tire. Haven’t we all been at the point where we don’t want to lift a finger, answer a question, hear noise or look at busyness. We’re exhausted. But there isn’t a definite moment where you go from your best to your worst. There is all that time in between the peaks and valleys where we’re more or less focused. Nothing unusual about it.



Mental fatigue could easily be at issue, but another one maybe reducing hearing aid function due to the build up of moisture during the day? Normally though, moisture would reduce the sense of overall amplification, but any reduction in function would make a marked difference to your ability to comprehend speech.



Hi Laura

You are not alone. I’ve been the same every day regardless of the level of my hearing loss. Even years ago when I first started losing my hearing my loss was described to me as mild to moderate when I first fitted with hearing aids and it’s not changed even though now, like you, I’m profoundly deaf.

Even though I use sign language I’m not spending every waking minute with other sign language users, so have to rely on hearing aids and lip reading until I’m home on an evening. My husband bless him (I’m gay and married to a gay man, it happens) alsdo signs even though he’s hearing, so I can take my hearing aids out and just be deaf.

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I also have profound loss and usually find myself exhausted at the end of the day. Especially if I have a day interacting with many people/conferences. I believe we have to work harder to process everything. I actually find that I want to remove my aids at night, just so I can relax a bit.



What hearing aids and model do you use?
My Resound Linx 3D is just like the way you described.



I wear Oticon Dynamos.
I don’t think it’s the hearing aids.
I just think the normal struggles we face on a day to day basis try to hear in different situations, causes our brain and ears to become tired by the end of day. At least I feel mine do.
I happened to notice the difference in my hearing from morning to night.
But one advantage, I’m usually so tired at bedtime, I fall right to sleep, no problem. :slight_smile:



When you are profoundly deaf as I am (and as you claim to be as well), trying to hear takes a lot of work! Even listening to the TV with trained news readers speaking, I find myself often struggling to make sense of what is being said. By the end of the day I find that this has taken quite a bit out of me and my mind begins to float away with people talking unless I struggle to get it back on track. I will soon be fitted with the Phonak Marvel hearing aids so I am hoping this helps a bit in my struggle to make sense of the noise people make that we call speech.

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Out of curiosity, do you guys talk seriously about this with your family members?



I do.
He is very understanding when it comes to my hearing.
He has sat in during many of my hearing tests, so he is aware of what my limitations are.
I posted this because I felt, being hearing impaired, it might be helpful to realize that there are others who may face the same obstacles you
do, when it comes to day to day living that people with good hearing do not experience.
Sometimes it helps to know your not the only one.



I asked what hearing aids, because, I too faced the same problem with Resound Linx 3D when volume goes up and down. When I got the HA reprogrammed, it stopped. I realized it’s self-adjusted volume.



I’m really not having that. I don’t have hearing fatigue. I have had situations where hearing takes more effort, but if it goes on all day I would say they need an adjustment.

After everything is set up and I’m fully up to target, or slightly above, I ask for 2 things. One is a speech in noise program where noise reduction is maxed out. Another is on the “Everything” program, I ask for soft speech to be boosted. That raises the soft speech without blowing up loud sounds.

Those two things normally take care of the two biggest situations that can be tiring.

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