Wondering about fit and LiNX open domes

Hi! I’m new here but I am reaching out with a problem that has been my barrier to wearing my (very fancy) Resound LiNX2 Receiver-in-ear (RIE) hearing aids for about 4 years now. They are SO UNCOMFORTABLE! I moved and don’t currently have an audiologist. I have mild/moderate hearing loss and mild tinnitus.

Initially, the audiologist set me up with 7mm open domes . . . they were painful to wear and hurt much of the time, especially while chewing. A week later she switched me to the 5mm open domes, and these seem to fall out of my ear, just enough to where they are resting on the outer edge of my ear canal and causing discomfort. When I push them in a little further I can feel them less, but they move out a few minutes later. Tried the sport locks (still on them), which didn’t help.

I told her about that experience and she couldn’t fix the issue or get another set of domes for me, even custom ones, because of the fact that I need open domes and the customs are closed. I decided to purchase them anyway because I wouldn’t have health insurance this good maybe ever again (state health insurance via graduate school).

I settled with the fact that I need 6mm open domes, which for Resound just don’t seem to exist. Thought about writing the company to see if they could do it for me, but they are notoriously unresponsive. Do other companies have 6mm open domes that fit?

Does anyone else have this issue? How did you solve it?
Are my ear canals just too sensitive? I can feel them in my ear no matter what. Is that normal?

If I press too hard in I meet pain and resistance. I worry that if I wear them and then fall, the smack of the receiver will burst my eardrum or cause damage.

Take a look on eBay. Many 6mm domes.

I tried 6mm Oticon open domes…they don’t fit the other side (where it attaches). Are there versions you know of that fit Resound?

I don’t have personal experience with your aids.
Do a little research to see what domes fit your aids. Usually a number of different manufacturers will fit a particular brand aid.

You say your model is the ITC type, these are custom Shell
models I believe, so would be impossible to fit domes to, however if you have the RIE type with receivers then the Phonak domes will fit the newer sure fit type receivers.

Thank you! I’ll order some. The smalls are also listed as 5mm but hopefully something about them will work better! Yes, I’ll update my post, I’ve been out of the HA world for quite some time and couldn’t remember what type mine are…they are Receiver in the Ear type. Resound and other sites are not very helpful on what other brands might work, they just say you have to use the Resound Linx domes. :confused:

OP here, update: ordered small Phonak open domes, and found that the left ear feels great (wahoo!) but the right ear is painful (too big?). I attempted to cut a slit up the side of one to make it smaller, but no luck–still hurts. I’m making an appointment with a custom vented earmold supplier because I’m thinking that might be my best option at this point.