Wonder if there's a way to flag unanswered posts?


This isn’t well thought out, but I often see a question that I could “sort of” answer,but know that there are a lot more qualified people that could answer. I often wait, especially if the post asks about experience with a specific hearing aid, but these posts often slide out of my awareness. Is there an easy way to mark posts that haven’t gotten a reply?


Bookmark will flag it on the list.


Also check out the advanced search:


Or do what I do…“I’m no expert but”…and say what I want to say to try to be something resembling helpful.


Yeah, but sometimes I think a one of my so-so answers may deter somebody with a better answer from responding, especially when user is asking for people familiar with “X” device (even though often the issue isn’t really device specific)


I tend to imagine that experts would want to put facts straight. So therefore I wouldn’t worry about it. As we’ve agreed to in a prior thread…this is an anonymous place providing free information. I have no interest in spreading false information and so rely on those anonymous experts to correct anything false.

Additionally…with those so-so answers maybe look at it as attempting to answer just a part of the overall question or list of questions. There’s nothing wrong with answering just a part of a question.