With Marvel 2.0, Phonak makes RogerDirect available in all Marvel hearing aids

With Marvel 2.0, Phonak makes RogerDirect™ available in all Marvel hearing aids.

Expanded Marvel portfolio includes Audéo M-RT, the all-in-one hearing aid.

Stäfa (Switzerland), August 19, 2019 – Phonak, the world’s leading hearing aid provider, today introduces Marvel 2.0, the next generation of Marvel technology developed to give hearing aid wearers even more hearing performance, more connectivity and more choice. With Marvel 2.0, Phonak is making RogerDirect™ available to all Marvel hearing aids while expanding Marvel technology to more form factors. The new portfolio includes the Phonak Audéo™ M-RT, the world’s only all-in-one hearing aid combining direct connectivity with iOS and Android, T-coil and rechargeability. The Audéo M-RT builds upon Marvel’s industry-leading features including clear, rich sound, universal Bluetooth® connectivity, lithium-ion rechargeability, binaural direct streaming, and integrated telecoil while adding RogerDirect for unparalleled hearing performance in loud noise and over distance.

More hearing performance

Since 2013, Roger® technology has served as the standard that bridges the understanding gap in loud noise and over distance by wirelessly transmitting a speaker’s voice directly to the listener. However, until now, hearing aid wearers had to plug an extra receiver and/or audio shoe into their hearing aids or use an intermediary streamer to receive the Roger signal. Marvel hearing aids with RogerDirect eliminate the need for extra components or accessories needed to receive the Roger signal, resulting in a device that’s up to 42% smaller. All current Audéo Marvel wearers can access the RogerDirect feature via a firmware upgrade available via their independent hearing care professional.

The addition of RogerDirect adds to Marvel’s reputation for providing one of the industry’s leading hearing performance. According to a recent survey(1):

  • 95% of hearing care professionals (HCPs) would recommend Marvel hearing aids to their peers
  • 92% stated the biggest advantage of Marvel is the combination of universal connectivity and rechargeability without compromising on sound quality
  • 90% of HCPs say Marvel hearing aids provide first-time wearers with exceptional sound quality from the first fit

“When Phonak first launched Marvel technology in November 2018, hearing aid wearers around the world finally had access to the ultimate all-in-one hearing solution combining universal Bluetooth connectivity, lithium-ion rechargeability whilst delivering clear and rich sound from the get go. We called it: “love at first sound,” stated Martin Grieder, Global Vice President of Marketing for Sonova. “With the addition of RogerDirect, the Marvel portfolio builds on that success by empowering all Marvel hearing aids to tackle two of the most challenging issues hearing aid wearers still face: hearing in noise and over distance.”

More Connectivity

In addition to RogerDirect, Marvel hearing aids are now capable of pairing two Bluetooth audio devices at the same time. This is especially useful for wearers who own two mobile phones, or for those who regularly stream from both a smartphone and any other Bluetooth device, including desktops, laptops, tablets and more. With the optional TV Connector, Marvel wearers can also stream high definition audio from their TVs directly to both hearing aids while keeping two Bluetooth slots open for their other devices.

More Choice

Phonak Marvel technology has been expanded to provide more choice for both independent hearing care professionals and consumers. In addition to the Audéo Marvel family, the Marvel portfolio now includes:

Phonak Bolero™ Marvel: The Bolero M is the world’s first BTE hearing aid that directly streams all audio content from iOS® and Android™ devices. It also features a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery engineered to last at least six years, giving wearers a full day of hearing including streaming on a single charge. Featuring AutoSense OS™ 3.0, Bolero Marvel makes hearing effortless by sensing the surroundings and automatically making the necessary adjustments in real-time.

Phonak Sky™ Marvel: The Sky M product family introduces a unique combination of trusted Phonak technology to give children only the best for speech and language development as well as speech intelligibility and ease of use. The Sky M lineup is available in a wide range of colors and sizes, and is designed to help children with mild, moderately severe, severe and profound degrees of hearing loss. Sky M offers the first bespoke operating system designed for children, 24 percent better speech understanding in noise, maximum access to all speech sounds, and a powerful rechargeable battery that lasts all day.

One Marvelous App

Putting consumers centerstage we are also launching a fully comprehensive updated myPhonak app that is designed to give wearers a more enhanced and personalized hearing experience. In addition to existing Remote Support and Hearing Diary functionality, the enhanced myPhonak app now features more advanced customization options including noise reduction, speech focus and more. For ease of use, Phonak Marvel remote control as well as distant fitting is now fully integrated into the updated myPhonak app.

All Marvel technology is based on Phonak’s AutoSense OS 3.0 platform that was developed using artificial intelligence to automatically learn, detect and adapt to provide the best hearing experience in any listening environment. AutoSense OS is proven to deliver superior performance in complex listening situations, reduce listening effort in complex multi-talker listening situations, and provide a rich sound experience when streaming any audio content to both ears from any Bluetooth device.(2)

The Audéo Marvel-RT, Bolero Marvel and Sky Marvel will begin shipping in select countries on August 26. Additional information, visuals and videos about Phonak Marvel technology are available at www.phonak.com, www.phonakpro.com/marvel and on YouTube here.

(1) Phonak market survey #1241 “Marvel Post Launch Research B2B,” survey conducted in Canada, Germany, USA, January 2019 (215 participants). Please contact marketinsights@phonak.com

(2) Schulte, M., Vormann, M., Heeren, J., Latzel, M., & Appleton-Huber, J. (2019). AutoSense OS – Superior speech intelligibility and less listening effort in complex listening situations, Phonak Field Study News, Retrieved from www.phonakpro.com/evidence

About Phonak

Headquartered near Zurich, Switzerland, Phonak, a member of the Sonova Group, was created in 1947 out of a passion for taking on the most difficult hearing challenges. Seventy years later, this passion remains. As the industry’s leading innovator, we offer the broadest portfolio of life-changing hearing solutions. From pediatric to profound hearing loss, we remain committed to creating hearing solutions that change people’s lives to thrive socially and emotionally. We believe in creating a world where ‘Life is on’ for everyone.


How would the Marvel M-RT be different from the Marvel M90-R? Or said another way, can you get all the same features on both?

OK, to summarize, Marvel 2.0 brings

  1. More models (Bolero and Sky)
  2. Built in Roger (I think this will be an extra cost firmware upgrade to current Marvel)
  3. Ability to pair to 2 Bluetooth devices (I’m hopeful that this too would be a firmware upgrade to current Marvels
  4. Improved App-I would think this would also be applicable to current Marvel

I’m just guessing but I think the difference between the M-RT and the M-R would be the telecoil. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I don’t think telecoil is available on current rechargeables.

Here’s my article on the update. Lots of expected information here… but meaningful regardless for current and prospective Marvel users.

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The article mentions the 2.0 update is a firmware update. So I would say yes to the Roger and 2 Bluetooth device ability on all Marvel aids.

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Love that the Hearing Tracker website says Rodger Pen and not Roger Pen!

Not sure how that was missed. Fixed :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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As a Marvel 90 13T wearer that tries to push these aids to their absolute highest potential, i am THRILLED about this. I will be updating today! There was a rumor that existing users would have to pay for the update, but glad that doesn’t seem to be the case. Fingers crossed phone calls are more reliable.

Screenshpots from here: YouTube



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Where are you getting that there will be no charge? I’m just guessing, but I’m guessing that the bluetooth update and app update will be “free,” but that there will be a charge (significant one I’d guess) for the Roger Direct. I hate how all the press releases supply so little true info.

sadly, i guess i assumed it would be free but now in looking at Target 6.1 guide it mentions a Roger “license” - nothing other than that

The article mentions an office visit for the Roger and then later it mentions a firmware update making it available. A bit confusing.

I am also hoping the Bluetooth, Roger and app are all free.

There’s also new Roger devices, “Roger iN” - so i wonder if this means the 4 Roger pens that I have are not going to work.


I’ve already downloaded Target 6.1, and it was a mandatory update the first time I hooked up. Just trying it out for now. I don’t see the new app on the Play store yet.


They have also released a physical remote control for the Marvel. Called the Phonak RemoteControl. Not a huge deal for most, but was one of the cons of the Marvel for me. Now the only con of this device for me is the hands free, and we’ll see if that improves at all with Marvel 2.0.


Have you gotten any more info on Roger iN? It almost looked like activating of the receiver comes with purchase of Roger iN from one thing I saw about the iN. That would be a drag. Also, not important to you, but possibly to others, they now have a Partner Mic that streams directly to Marvel (and presumably KS9)

I talked with my audiologist… she called Phonak and they said you could buy an iN and it will work out of box, or you can buy another device (I think it may actually be a license) that activates the Marvel to work with other Roger devices. Seems more like it was a software activation and not an actual device. This was via phone call and brand new information, so the details were scarce and was brand new to the audiologist. In any case, she said I would have to pay to get my existing roger devices to work with my marvels without the use of my Roger MyLink.

This I personally like.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks. I just got a response from Abram on the Hearing Tracker site that mentioned that the purchase of an iN would include installation of Roger on two Marvel devices. No mention of other options. I quote: There is no cost to upgrade the firmware that makes Marvel compatible with RogerDirect. The cost is in the Roger iN microphones as each of the iN mics will install Roger in two Marvel devices. The overall cost is significantly less than the previous price of a Roger Mic and two receivers.

It almost makes me wonder if the device they mentioned to your audiologist isn’t the Roger MyLink and that Roger Direct is only compatible with Roger iN. Hope I’m wrong.

She was clear in that there wouldn’t be an intermediary device. I expect to get more information soon.

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