Wireless rechargeable table mic (bluetooth)

Post a link to what Bluetooth mic works well for you! What are the pros and cons?

I just got a set of HAs that do not have any proprietary tech for wirelessly connecting to a microphone (like Roger), but they DO connect to anything Bluetooth (can you guess what brand?). These are wonderful so far except that I was in a very noisy restaurant a few days ago, and our table was very big and round. While I had no problem hearing EVERYBODY in that restaurant, I could not clearly hear people on the opposite side of this big table.

My Amazon Echo dot has an array of microphones and some smart tech that allows it to get a pretty good signal to noise ratio on sound sources that are fairly close and directional. It would be really nice if I could find this kind of tech in an omni-directional table microphone.

If only I could find a small pocket-able table mic that is rechargeable and broadcasts over Bluetooth. Then I could bring it out at a table, turn it on, and set it in the center of the table. I might hear everyone at the table! Wouldn’t that be nice for all these new Bluetooth hearing aids?

I looked for the best option for this, but I couldn’t really find anything that is just a mic or completely wireless or small.

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I have the Roger Select and it is great! I don’t think that there is any other equivilent out there yet, but it is coming soon. I expect all the other companies to be coming out with their versions soon. Also Chinese copies and clones.

There are some pro audio remote mics that do the same thing but they are very expensive and may not be all that compatible with aids.

I don’t know which brand you have, but the little Phonak remote mic is regular Bluetooth. Go to eBay and in the search window, just enter “Phonak Remote Mic”. They are about $30 there. I have one, and it pairs and works with my Marvels, but there is considerable latency. Resound makes one called a Multi Mic, which uses BLE, and will not pair with Marvels. If you do have Resound aids, this might be an option. I don’t remember it having latency issues, but then I had very poor luck with Resound, so I can’t say for sure. Worth a try.

Looking for Bluetooth. I wonder if latency is a problem with all bluetooth.

Roger Pen! It is pretty amazing. I understand the Roger Select is better, but my used Roger Pen was only $170.

Also, I’ve had good luck at tables using the directional setting (I call it the cone of sound) and sitting with my back to room noise.

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Short answer - NO
I use Bluetooth everyday as often as I can to stream to my Oticon OPN1 hearing aids with absolutely no latency.
I also use Live Listen on my iPhone as a remote mic to stream directly to my MFi hearing aids. I have no idea what hearing aids you have, so this may or may not be an option or solution for you.