Wireless Bluetooth transmitter that will work with Icom

I have recently purchases 2 Exelia Art half shell hearing aides. I have tried the smartlink and mylink FM system and find that it works intermittenly. It works best with the Icom and the universal small fm receiver attached to it.

What I would like to do is to just use the icom. It does, or should do, most of what I want. It is great on the phone, I can’t get my Garmin or Windows vista to use it since it does not know the driver. Both recognize it, though. The main question is that I need a voice transmitter that can be worn by a speaker in a car and in other situations so I can understand speech. The Phonak people say they are not aware of one since the Icom, itself, cannot connect to bluetooth devices so the transmitter would have to be able to recognize it like a cell phone does. Do any of know of a bluetooth transmitter that I coudl get?


Alas, many of us are looking for the same thing.
Doesn’t the Smartlink & the univeral receiver on your iCom work in this situation? I know they’re expensive (which is why many of us are looking for the BT option).
Or since you’re using the iCom, get the ZoomLink instead of the SmartLink.

The smartlink does work but it is not as clear voicewise as the icom and the equipment is much more expensive. I wish that Phonac had built the icom so it could recognize a bluetooth device or a microphone existed that could recognize the icom.

The iCom will pair with things other than the phone. I paired mine with a BluBridge Mini-Jack which I now use to stream audio from my PC using the headphone jack. Search this site and you’ll find discussions on problems pairing with PC’s. You may find a solution to that problem. As far as the mic goes, a couple of people are working on finding solutions for that. Again, search the forum.
I’m surprised the FM is not clear. I use the FM system at church and love it. I’m tempted to try the ZoomLink & receiver, but may hold off a while…until I get the new HAs paid off.:frowning:

I have successfully paired the Starkey Blu-Pal microphone to the I-Com. It took several attempts but it works. Starkey sold the blu-pal microphone along with a bluetooth dongle that attached to your hearing aids. They no longer manufacture it but you might be able to find it on ebay. Also try google as I think there was still a on-line store that sold it. The microphone is about the size of a bic lighter and must be recharged. It’s a great little gadget. I purchased for about $350.00 new.