Wireless bed shaker alarm clock?


I was just wondering if an alarm clock with a wireless bed shaker exists. I would love to be able to place my clock on the opposite side of the room and not have a wire running from it to the bed shaker. Yes, I’ve thought about end tables next to the bed, but having a wireless solution would make things perfect.

Does such a product even exist?

Thank you!

I think they call it a spouse.

I think they call it a spouse.

Don’t know whether to :smiley: or be :mad: or just :rolleyes:


I’ve always thought of my wife as wired. If she were wireless I would program my remote for her.

Ahhh, I actually thought you were talking about a product called a Spouse for a moment there. LOL

But doesn’t it make sense to make the bed shaker itself wireless from the clock?

My cell phone alarm with vibration settings does the trick for me

I have an alerting device that when I attach my cellphone to it (via a bungy cord), and the phone vibrates, a loud (think smoke alarm) sound is emitted. The volume can be adjusted. I tried finding it online just now, but didn’t have any success. If I find it later, I’ll post a link.

I’ve tried using my cell phone for this purpose; it has a strong vibration; but I don’t like the fact that it heats up and the vibrating alarm clock just has such a strong vibration.

Thanks for your responses.

Hmmm… I wonder if there was something that could be plugged into the alarm clock and something that could be plugged into the bed shaker that would allow wireless communication between the two.

Now my brain shifted to “Home Automation” systems. haha.

I guess an alternative solution is not on the market right now.

I like the spouse suggestion. However I use a “Shake Awake” alarm which is an excellent product. http://www.shakeawake.com/ :smiley:

Here’s a product I’ve used:

Unitron has some new ALDs check them out

Thanks for all of your responses!

I emailed Sonic Alert about their products and they mentioned a product I have investigated before; the SBP100SS wireless alarm clock which is battery powered.

Well, it’s similar to some other products mentioned in this thread but I’ve used the company before and products I’ve bought from them have been good quality.

I was reluctant when I first found out about it because of the fact that it’s an all-in-one unit.

The reason I get nervous with those sorts of products is that there’s buttons on them so if you place them under a pillow or between a mattress and boxspring (this product mentions doing that as an option), then inadvertendly a button might be clicked that changes the time, etc.

It seems pretty well self-contained though.

However, even though the company says the product can be placed between a mattress and box-spring, doesn’t that mean I would have to lift up the mattress every morning to turn off the alarm?

Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.

Also, any thoughts on the accidental button pushing possibility would be helpful.

What are people’s opinion’s on the product who have used it?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

The alarm that I mentioned (Shake Awake) is extremely solidly built and the only press buttons are for changing hours and minutes. However, to do that, one has to move a slide that clicks into the new position. What you are postulating just could not happen! I first heard about it from someone with a severe hearing loss, and they in turn had heard about it at the audiologist’s office. I strongly recommend it. www.shakeawake.com/

Thanks for the information about the Shake Awake. Your testimonial is very strong so I appreciate your advice.

I do like how Sonic Alert’s clock is very loud and very strong. It’s emphasizes that even though it’s battery powered, these characteristics are still strong. I read reviews on the Sonic Alert that support these benefits.

I got a response from Sonic Alert that said that the clock turns itself off after one minute and thus I wouldn’t have to worry about turning it off manually.

I’m talking about the Sonic Alert SBP100SS wireless alarm clock

Anyway, would anybody else be willing to share their experiences with either product?


I was interested in a similar type of product, but the shakeawake link provided does not have any products available anymore.
Does anyone have a more up to date product that they know of that has a similar function??
Thanks in advance!!

Similar questions have been asked recently.
eg Reliably linking cell phone to bed shaker attracted a few suggestions that didn’t require involving a significant other. Stating the obvious (my special subject), a mobile phone makes a decent alarm clock.