Wired Headphones for Child


On a recent trip, we rented audio guides at several museums and other sights. My 8 year old daughter, who wears BTE Phonaks with ear molds, was not able to use some of the guides that we rented. Some of the guides had wonky headphones that fit on top of the ear. She was not able to position them to sit on top of the receiver and the audio jack was not compatible with the Roger audio jack. For the first one, she ended up rigging the thing so she could kind of hear but had to hold the headphone in place over her aid. Not at all optimal, and she was a bit self conscious. That night I grabbed a set of cheap wired ear buds in case we ran into the same problem the following day; and we did. The aids came out (protective case at the ready!) and the ear buds went in.

She enjoys the audioguides; she likes to learn about the art or structure that we are visiting. I’d like to buy her some decent (not cheap, not off the charts) wired ear buds to use when we travel and cannot use the Roger technology.

Does anyone have suggestions on decent wired ear buds? I realize this isn’t so much a hearing loss question as much a general technology question, but I also realize I do not wear hearing aids and that I may be missing something. And it is possible that other folks here have faced this challenge, and have solved it with a particular product or style.

Thanks folks.



What I have done in the past is to put the headphones over the hearing aids instead of the ears. Yes it looks a little funny but it worked for me



These were a different (to me) type of headphone that would hook behind the ear with the speaker then being positioned right on the opening of the ear. We came up w/ nothing that would work aside from her holding the speaker by the microphone of the HA.



So they were more like earbuds.



Not really; it’s hard to describe them. More like over the ear clip on headphones that didn’t cover the ear as much as rest on it. They weren’t usable ultimately with BTE’s. ITE would have been just fine but BTE nope.



Sennheiser CX 1.00 in ear buds. £25 ish.

You can also buy in ear headphones that are able to have custom ear moulds made for them. Examples would be Shure and Etymotic Research.

Also, you can buy a small headphone amp to boost the volume out of another device. Google ‘CMoy headphone amplifier mint tin’. Used to be loads on eBay. They run off a 9v battery.



You might also want to pick up a few cheap audio jack adapters so you can still use the roger.

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That’s a good idea. I need to do some research. For some reason, the Roger audio jack didn’t fit the audioguide at two of the places, but the cheap earbud adapter did. I don’t know that that is possible or not, but there was a difference. If I built out my complete audio jack kit, it would have a lightening to audio, usb micro (or is it mini?) to audio, audio to audio.