Wire Length for RIC?

I wear glasses and think that if RIC wire were a few mm, longer that glasses would not be as much a problem displacing the aids when taking glasses off and putting them on. How did audio determine what length wire was appropriate?

I understand from your other postings that you have Phonak RIC. When I trialled Phonak open fot, the audiologist held a template up to my ear to determine the length of the tubing. I believe there are standard sizes.

I am now trying some aids from Hearsource.com. Their template & instructions are at
their website and then /hearing_aid_openear_tubing_tool.html [Sorry, cannot post link]

Hearsource uses the same template for open fit & RIC.

He measured your ear with a tool, or he used demo hearing aids on you and noted if the real thing should be ordered with shorter or longer tubes than he used on the demo aids.

In any case if you think that the tubes are too long or too short, he should be able to switch them out for you no problem.