Winter skiing with aids on

I am thinking of skiing this year with my RITE aids and am concerned about damaging them with sweating, moisture, hot and cold extremes, or losing them if I fall in the snow. Does anyone have any experience good or bad or advice about skiing with aids in? Thanks

Some hearing aids these days have a single or dual layer nano technology coating to protect from water and sweat.

Honestly though, you are kind of asking for it subjecting them to that kind of extreme conditions.

If you’re going to do it, I’d make sure to have a personal articles policy for the full replacement cost of the hearing aids.

Leave the HA in the lodge.

there’s ear gears for hearing aids so look them up online :smiley:

You don’t mention what brand of HA your using? Some are better than others.
The phonaks smarts RIE that I use are terrible when it comes to sweat. I use mine for hiking in the Adirondack mtns and have had them repaired several times. Phonak will not tell me or the Audi what went wrong but it surely has to be sweat/moisture related failure. Do you sweat a lot while skiing? It seems to me that downhill skiing should not be as big an issue as hiking on hot days,just my humble opinion. Cold can be an issue though, a few times while hiking in the winter the aids quit working but it was well below zero and I had minimal stuff covering my ears to combat sweat issues. If they are still covered by a warranty I’d give them a try.

If you must wear your HA while skiing invest in a pair of Hearing Aid Sweat Bands they work really well at keeping HA dry.

Hot or cold is not a problem.

If you’re talking alpine, feedback is my biggest problem (you do wear a helmet, I’m sure!). Fit of the helmet will be a major factor in your ability to control feedback. I also wear a thin hat from a wicking material (i.e. no cotton or wool) to keep the instrument with me in the event it becomes dislodged. The hat & helmet combo also neuter the wind effect of the mics.

For nordic, it should be less of a problem without a helmet to deal with. And I’m sure you know if you’re head is dripping with sweat, you’re not dressed right.

I’m extremely active and have lost but a single instrument in about 25 years of use. It was a MTB crash where I tumbled for 20 feet, the instrument dislodged and was never found. The hat helmet combo for alpine skiing has worked for some epic crashes, thank god snow is soft.