Wind noise filtering

Many manufacturers claim they have some kind of wind noise filtering in their electronic circuits. I do not know how effictive others are but I am not pleased with this function in my new Widex Inteo BTE (IN-9).
In strong wind it is impossible to hear other people speak.
I have with great success tested to put different kinds of fiber materials with a piece of adhesive over the microphones. But this is not very practical.
Has anyone found a manufacturer for external wind noise filters, that are easy to take on/off?
External filters can also be good in a salty environment, in a sailing boat, for instance. ( have got coverings for the whole ear, but I don´t want to use them except in the winter)

Although many manufacturers offer wind noise features none of them that I know of completely solves the issue or allows the users to hear conversations properly and very noisy environments.

Probably the best wind noise canceler that I’ve seen so far are found on the Phonak Audeo product, on the IX.

Yet none of them are perfect especially for instruments that are worn behind the ear or larger in the canal instruments.

I’ve been impressed with the Starkey Destiny 1200 or 1600 for wind noise filtering. Two of my patients ride a Harley and another drives a convertible. No problems at all.

i have fitted a gent who drives a car with 2 epoq xw
he said that the wind noise is no longer a problem.


My ITE Widex Divas made wind noise unbearable. Fortunately I needed new hearing aids and my Widex Aikias BTE have dramatically reduced the wind noise - and it gets plenty of windy in San Francisco. For this relief alone they are worth every penny.

most high end instruments have now a wind noise reduction,

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The wind noise management of the GN Resound Pulse is superior to that of the Azure, which I know you seem to love for some reason. I found the wind noise management of the Azure BTE open fit that I demo’ed only equal to (at best) the Widex Diva ITE’s I wore for three years.