Will the KS9 be updated to the Marvel 2.0 firmware?

Many people have asked when the KS9 would be updated to the Marvel 2.0 firmware or get the more advanced app. I’m going to give my best guess, but fair warning, it’s only a guess and I’m no better than anybody else at this. I really thought the KS9 would be made by Resound and I was totally wrong.

Caveats aside, I don’t think the KS9 will get any updates. They’re selling lots of them as is and Phonak likes being able to differentiate from the Marvels their audiologists sell for thousands of dollars more. As Phonak gets closer to creating a successor for the Marvel, I can imagine Marvel 2.0 features possibly coming to a Brio 4 hearing aid or perhaps a KS10, One thing I am pretty confident of is that the KS10 will be released some time in late Winter/early Spring of 2021. Costco has been pretty consistent in releasing a new model approximately every 18 months.


Thanks, a lot. Appreciate your opinion on the subject.
Would you mind summarizing (in a nutshell) what significant features one misses with Marvel 2.0?
Thanks, in advance.

No rechargeable option. No Telecoil option. No Roger Direct compatibility. Much less sophisticated app. No size 13 battery option. No tinnitus masking. Somebody was told the KS9 did not have the wind noise reducing feature. Have no idea if that’s true or not. Would take somebody taking a look at the software. Don’t get me wrong–the KS9s are great aids, but they are different than the Marvels.
I’ll add thank to Zebra’s good catch that they also support pairing to only one device via Bluetooth at a time.


Am I right that the KS9 can’t link too 2 devices as well?


Yes! I forgot probably the most important difference!

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This is all pretty standard for a Kirkland Signature version of an aid. The KS8 did have the same full featured app as the 7NX and Emerald S though. I would be surprised if the app was not upgraded at some point. That costs nothing, and maintains the attractiveness of the product over the 1.5 year lifespan as a Kirkland. Not sure how it changed over time, but there were two apps for the KS8, the more basic Smart Remote, and the more capable Smart Direct.

According to forum members here who have purchased more than one TV Connector, I am under the impression that the KS9s can link and switch between 2 or more such Airstream devices, which are not limited to connecting to TVs.

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More precisely can’t pair to more than one Bluetooth device at a time. The Marvels have the ability to pair to two Bluetooth devices. Sorry for not being more precise previously. You are correct regarding more than one TV connector.


According to Kirkland Signature 9.0 literature, they should have the wind noise feature. It is called Wind Manager vs. the Marvel’s Windblock.


That makes sense to me. It would be a weird feature to drop.

They have the feature in the software. In my experience, it just doesn’t work. I never thought something as basic as this could be a major problem, but if I decide not to keep the KS9s, this will be the reason. I love everything else about them, but I get wind noise when there’s no wind. Just the speed of my own walking is enough to bring it on. At one point I was even getting it indoors, and the wind noise adjustment did take care of that, but outdoors? I have to decide if I’m willing to wear a headband any time I’m out for more than a few minutes. No problem in winter, but summer? Hmm.

I’ve wondered if growing out my hair past my ears would solve the problem, but that’s something else I really don’t want to do.

I don’t think any hearing aid has the perfect solution to this. Possible solutions are little ear socks (can’t think of the name right now, but cloth protectors that slide over your hearing aids–pricy, but help deal with wind and also protect hearing aids from dirt and moisture) A quick and easy way to deal with it is to mute your hearing aids when in the wind.

I understand growing your hair is not something you want to do, but I think you’d be amazed how effective it is.
My hair covers my aids and I can cycle at 30 miles per hour without wind noise from the aids. If you look at sports stadiums on TV they have furry looking microphones around the perimeter and they don’t get any wind noise in a howling gale.

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Ear Gear?

20 characters.

The Costco audi mentioned Ear Gears. She thought she had some to give me to try but didn’t and was going to try to order some before my next appointment.

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Ah. I was going to post that the wind reduction worked for me, but maybe it’s just my hair.

Yea, when I met Costco rep last week she mentioned that the KS9 is the most de-featured unit Costco sold the pst few years and one of these is the Wind block is not included. (Maybe she meant it’s not sufficient enough)
I will meet her again next week for another trial (mostly I will try the KS8) as I already now know what’s the KS9 would sound.
BTW: am still on trial with the Marvel M90 and can notice wind noise on my left ear when I move my head fast or when entering a place and close a door behind me.

The KS8 has binaural wind noise reduction, but in my opinion it does not work well at all. Ok in a light wind, but terrible in a stronger wind. I usually just mute my aids as I think the amplified wind noise is loud enough to further damage my hearing. This said I have never tried any other aids, so I have no comparison to what other aids are like in the wind.


There have certainly been times with the Rexton Trax 42s when I couldn’t hear someone with me well enough to carry on a conversation in wind, but IMO the difference between what they’re like and what the KS9s are like is that the Trax only give me wind noise when there’s wind. As I’ve said before the KS9s give me “wind noise” just with the speed of my own walking when there’s no wind.

Neither the Trax nor the KS9s have given me wind noise so loud I’d worry about further damage to my hearing even in very strong wind, and in strong wind I figure that’s just the way it is. It’s wind noise when there’s little or no wind that has me fussing. I even switched out to the Trax one day and went back outside with them to make sure I’m not just being overly fussy because the KS9s are new.

Yup, that’s the kind of thing I was getting too. The last adjustment the audi made did take care of almost all of that (I noticed a little still today when I walked in the house), so that’s no longer a problem. Wind noise outside when there’s no wind is. Interestingly, for me it’s the right ear that gives me the most wind noise. I’m even wondering if there’s something wrong with the right aid. I do get it in the left, but comparatively little.

Likewise with my Signia Pure NX. In fact, when I’m outside for an extended period of time, like yard work or going for a walk, I just take them out.