Will test tones help me diagnose my hearing?

I noticed yesterday while streaming country music to the Bose hearphones when a song first starts with just music, especially drums or bass, it sounds very good. Then as soon as the singer starts singing it sounds like the speakers are busted in the hearphones.

Many of you know I’ve been complaining with two different brands of HAs with understanding speech, getting vibrations/distortion in voices.

Are there test tones I could listen to, through the hearphones, that I could tell which tones/frequency would make my hearing sound busted? Maybe this would help my audi with tuning possibly. I may be way off on how this all works. Speech may not have anything in common with tones.

A piano or similar instrument could tell you what frequency things are happening at. Might be something on the internet that would do similar.
Good luck.

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Are you using a Music program when you listen to music? I have ReSound Quattro’s and if I want the best music listening, I have to manually switch to the music program. There are very good technical reasons for having specific settings for music but I will skip the gory details. Sorry if I’m bringing up the obvious but you don’t specifically say in your post whether you’re in a music program when you have the listening problems you do.

Thanks Jim, I’m not using my aids rather the Bose hearphones. When streaming music to my OPNs I don’t experience this problem but the aids don’t sound to good with music anyway. Very high pitched and tinny with no bass. Audi hasn’t programmed a music program for those but she did for the Widex moments and they sound a little better but nowhere near as good as the Bose, even with the distortion issues.

This distortion with the music just got me to thinking about certain frequencies causing it. If I could figure that out it might help audi.

Sorry. I thought you’d have the headphones on over your HA’s. I know for Android and probably for iOS there are tone generator apps, both free and paid versions. The one I have, I don’t particularly like the user interface but it’s very powerful and you can generate specific tone frequencies, specify their shape, duration, loudness, and if streamed to a BT device, specify one or both ears, control the volume separately for each ear. I play tones directly into each ear via the phone speaker or stream tones to my HA’s or headphones. The Android app that I have is Tone Generator by Jose Morais and I liked it enough to pay for the “Pro” version. There are quite a few apps - frequency spectrum analyzers, too, that can show you a transient live spectrum and also captures images that show the average or the max at each frequency across the range of human hearing. I’m sure that you can find some good apps if you’re an iPhone user, too.

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Great idea! I’ll look into apps.

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Having accumulated a large pile of high end audio gear during my earlier years, I also have a stack of test records. Some have bands of notes of various pitches from 20 to 20,000 Hz. I actually could hear pretty close to 18,000 Hz in those days but then the sound would vanish into the stratosphere. These days, if I am able to detect a 6,000 Hz note I would be a happy man. It could be said that what I hear could also be a measure of how well my equipment is operating, but other people who are listening with me say they can hear the notes long after I have had to give up. Most of these test records were made with a sweep tone generator, but others were made with actual musical instruments.


I installed some apps and have been listening to the different tones streaming to my aids. The low mid range tones sound a little funny to me but I’m not sure if that’s the way their supposed to sound. I need sounds that I can clearly tell there is distortion, I’m not sure that’s possible though.

This sounds like it could be someone with new aids. A few weeks wearing these aids might get these sounds back to normal in your head.

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Going on 10 weeks with aids. Only trouble I’m having is this distortion/vibration with voices. Some worse than others. Men with deeper tones is really bad.

I complained to my Audi’s for a year are more about distortion.
Kept trying to get it adjusted out.
I know this sounds stupid but I never really knew anything about my hearing loss.
I was just told I needed aids here take these.
The Audi’s never really new exactly what my loss was only what the audiogram said.
So they adjusted them for that.
Eventually complained to my ENT.
He told me the problem is I have nerve damage.
I can’t adjust the broken speaker sound out of the aids.
It’s quite annoying at times.
I don’t know if this applies to you are not. Just thought I’d mention it.
One more thing.
Someone had suggested to me, the compression may not be right.
Tried that too.

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Could you share your audiogram?
Curious about that loss.

I tried to figure out how to add my audiogram.
I use a Pixel 3a.
I’m guessing you need a computer to do it

Hope this helps.

Across the top of each page is a row of icons you can select. The farthest right one is “FORUM”. Select that and behind that you will see My Hearing Test. Select that to get to where you can add your audiogram to be public to the forum like others have done.
Good luck.

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More than likely I also have nerve damage. Haven’t been told that but it makes sense. Both HAs doing the same thing. Also before my hearing got worse in my right ear, I had the same kind of distortion at times but mostly with louder sounds and voices.

Thanks for posting that.

I can hear the distortion and feel a kind of vibration without the aids

The the left aid just magnifies the distortion.
It’s worst in the morning when I first put them in.
As the day goes on I get use to it kind of.

I’m right the opposite, later in the day the worse it seems to get.

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I agree the tirer that I get the worse my understanding of speech is, and the louder general noise is. So I have to at times turn the volume down and that makes understanding speech even harder.