Will Signia Notch therapy be better than Oticon masking?

I am demoing a few days now the Oticon Opn S1 and I am happy with the improved hearing. The masking sounds for Tinnitus are just ok, not sure I am a fan of masking.

Question - Are the Signia hearing aids with notch therapy and masking going to better, worth trying? I know the experience is likely unique for each person and I am assuming I can demo Signia at this office. Anyone have experience with Signia mask therapy?


I’ve worked with the Miracle-Ear version of Signia hearing aids. When it came to tinnitus, I never had much luck getting notch therapy to work, I’m afraid. For most patients, the amplification of the aids and masking worked wonders. You are correct, though, in that each person has a unique brain with unique needs.

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Notched therapy has been beneficial for me, but 1) I have a fairly low frequency tonal tinnitus and 2) it could just be placebo.

Most of tinnitus management is about working to convince yourself that it’s no big deal. If you can be successful in that, none of the rest of it matters much.