Will Oticon "grip tips" fit Phonak Marvels?

Hello - I’m new to this wonderful forum. Does anyone know whether Oticon’s “grip tips” will fit Phonak Marvel RIC hearing aids?

My Marvels use Phonak’s 2S size receivers. I’m in a trial period with these HAs (my first experience with hearing aids), and am finding the Phonak medium-size open domes pretty uncomfortable. I tried the small size, but they slip in and out frequently.

A friend, who is also new to HAs, has found grip tips (on his Oticon More 1) to be a blessing – they immediately stopped his ear canal itching (also a problem for me), they are very comfortable for him and they stay in place.

If the grip tips will fit Phonak Marvels, I’d like to try them. My friend’s audi had a pair of Phonak hearing aids on her desk (I don’t know what model) and tried an Oticon grip tip on one. According to my friend, it fit OK.

Thanks for any answers!

Can you ask your friend to give you a couple his Oticon ones to try yourself,I’ve used the MiniFit domes from Oticon on Phonak models in the past without issue.

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Tenkan, Thanks for your suggestion. My friend is also in his trial period with his hearing aids, so he won’t buy extra grip tips until he decides to keep the Oticon aids.

In that case I guess you’ll need to buy a pack to try, most clinic’s would be able to get some for you, eBay as well.

I was hoping someone on this forum has successfully used Oticon’s grip tips on a Phonak Marvel so I’d know ahead of time. The tips on eBay aren’t cheap, but I’d definitely buy some if they’ll fit. If nobody here reports that they’ve done this, then I’ll probably take a gamble and place an order.

Yeah I get what your saying, with things like this it’s always hit or miss, but if it sorts your issue out it would be money well spent.

For other forum members the following info may be helpful: I contacted 3 different eBay sellers and one hearing aid supply, all of which sell Oticon grip tips. I asked if they would fit my Phonak Marvel M30 aid with 2S receivers. They all replied saying that “no” they will not fit. Disappointing!

Is Oticon the only manufacturer so far to have designed “grip tips” or something very similar to replace standard domes?

You’d best take that with a pinch of salt, as how could they possibly know that, I still think you should try yourself to be 100% sure.

No, Signia has been doing something similar for a while now, but they use “click sleeves” these “click” into place on the end of the receiver.

Owl1, you have piqued my interest and I am ordering some now. I will report here when I get them.

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The grip tips are really nice. Silicone custom molds are nicer.

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Good luck with the grip tips. If they’ll fit a Phonak HA like mine, you’ll have forged the way!

Owl 1 and others. I got my Oticon grip tips and as promised here is my report on using them with Phonak HAs.
I bought the large size without vents.
They are a little bigger than power domes but they still disappear inside the ear canal when worn.
It’s a bit fiddly to insert the receiver so I turned mine almost inside out to make it easier. A small pair of pliers would help too.
The latest Phonak receivers (SDS 4.0 as used with Marvel and Paradise) fit perfectly. The shoulder on the end of the receiver matches exactly with the shape of the hole in the grip-tips.
The previous model of Phonak receiver also fits OK but you need to manually align it so it doesn’t poke out of the end.
Inserting them in your ears takes a bit of practice and I found that a bit of lubrication helps.
They remove easily by tugging on the wires (gently)
For me, the sound quality was as good as custom moulds and I had absolutely no feedback.
Hope this helps others to make a decision.


Gilbert - That’s great news! Since you say they take practice to insert them in your ears, do you think you would prefer the small size? Do you know if you have more or less normal diameter ear canals (I’m not sure what this means!). I’ve been told mine are narrow, so I’d start with the small size.

Since your found the sound quality to be good with no feedback, do you plan to use them regularly now?

Under your name it shows you’re in Ontario, so the following question may not help me, who is in the U.S. – Can you give us the name of the supplier you ordered from? I’ve searched online for sources for the grip tips, and found very few sources other than eBay (which I may order them from).

Thanks for the helpful report! I want to try them, too!

I have big ear canals and the large size fit nicely. I will be wearing them daily and see how they go.
I got them from Davidson Hearing Aids in Ottawa, Ontario. I don’t know if they ship outside Canada. You can Google them.

Good luck.

Thanks for this information. I’ll check with them. The grip tips sound promising and I want to try them.

With regard to setting up the Oticon grip tips in Target, does anyone know what coupling parameters are appropriate?
Should I use power domes, or slim tips or custom moulds?

You should try yourself to see which suites because depending on what vent size is used will determine those lower frequencies when trying out the molds- power domes are completely occlusive so you’ll get a lot more lower frequencies.

Can you post your audiogram.

Here’s my audiogram.

Thanks, wow your audiogram is almost identical for both ears! But yeah I’d go with molds and a vent size of 1mm 1.2mm I can’t remember exactly what sizes are offered in target off hand, but as you change the vent size you’ll notice the lower frequencies increase with a smaller diameter, so have a go and experiment with what size suits, but of course there’s other types of domes target offer as well, closed, open etc