Will my audiologist know if I link my Phonak Marvel M-90's to my Phonak Target software?

Main thing I’m trying to get across is the “how to be careful”. Once you understand how all headless devices work, and how they usually protect themselves, it’s much easier to stay safe.

  1. Corrupting the OS so it can no longer “talk and be programmed” is always possible, unless there is an extra copy of the OS, which would be hard to imagine for a HA, since there’s little real estate to simply add that protection, or to provide a separate means of triggering it, (like your WiFi might have a hard reset switch).
  2. Keep a copy of every “pre”-changed settings with dates and notes. Even if you must get help from your provider, that might save him a lot of time. Your backup may or may not be complete, similar to Windows Image, which only gets most of what it thinks is needed, not everything.
  3. When updating firmware, ensure you use reliably good cables and devices that are operating from a battery or at least a UPS. NOAH’s say they can be bricked if power is lost.
  4. Try to not make many changes at once, to prevent trying to discover later, which change had that unintended effect.

I have bricked several devices inadvertently. At least with a PC, you can still get the data and files off of it, and they are now pretty cheap. OTOH, if I brick my thermostat or lightning does it for me… No AC until I fix or replace it.

Yes, only thing here is not “good cables or devices” but DO NOT disconnect the HAs or turn off your PC while doing a firmware update.

so long as you use common sense you won’t have a problem. As for NOAH thats for the clinics to use, to help run multiple modules and software, there is absolutely no need for any DIY programmer to have this, what’s your background?

The more I read your post it seems you might try spending some time reading more in this DIY forum. Lots of great information that will answer most if not all of your questions. As you learn more about the software and hearing loss your concerns will probably change.
Good luck and have fun.

What is “connect”?

I have Target and just got Noahlink Wireless. It detected a Marvel M30 nearby (right answer). I had not expected to get that far so I opened the battery door on the Marvel. I shut-down Target.

I opened myPhonak, Stats. It shows 11.2h/day since 29-01-2020.

I’m still trying to figure the exact sequence to save that professional fitting from January to my PC for safekeeping. So that if I make a screaming mess I can go back to it. I am less concerned about my audiologist “finding out”, but prefer to keep his life simple.

Have you created a client in Target, yourself?
Once in Target select client.
Connect to hearing aid.
Target will ask to use data from hearing aid or data base. Use the hearing aid.
Look around all you want, don’t change anything.
When closing be sure to only click save to data base, not hearing aid. This will save the data from your aid into Target only. That is your audiologist programming. If you want to make changes, create a new client, like Joe blow, use this new joe blow client to learn how to program your aid.

I may have missed a few things but hopefully it will give you an idea how to save the original programming.


Here’s a link to a previous discussion;

I’m a fairly new owner of KS9’s. I don’t know a lot about Target but have had good results using audiogram direct on two previous sets of aids. I set up a new user account in Target and activated the aids using the programming in the aids. Then I exited the program while saving the settings to the database. This will serve as a backup for the Costco programming if I ever need to revert to it. Then I set up another new user and did a new fitting from scratch using audiogram direct.

It may be that someone in the future may get their panties in a wad about this but the way I see it that would be their problem and not mine.

I’d like to point one thing out. Those are your devices and you’re allowed to go to any audi/fitter and they can make adjustments.

When you get back to your first one, they’ll only know that someone changed something. That’s about it.

They won’t know who it was unless you tell, nor what was changed unless you know and share (or they go screen by screen, option by option and compare numbers, but for that they have to run their sw twice, like in a virtual machine, or print screen / take notes since current programming sw don’t allow for session comparison afaik)

So, if you’re anxious you can always said that you popped by neighbour fitter just to increase loudness or something similar.

But better way is to find a fitter with whom you can openly discuss it, and you both learn from each other. Or you abandon them completely.