Will I benefit from custom shells?

I have 2 8-year-old ITE half shell Phonak Savias. The voice quality is mostly good (geneally crisp) but am aware that they won’t last forever. One has lost its wax filter holder (for a second time) so is on borrowed time as it were.
I am trialling Phonak Paradise P90s (BTE RICs as there is no ITE option yet). But voice sound quality is much poorer (less crisp, more dull) and so takes a lot of effort to hold conversations. All attempts at self programming them have so far been in vain.
I suggested to audi that I would like to try cshells to see if that would help and expect to get them in a coupe of weeks.
I would be interested in peoples views as to whether cShells will help bring them up to the Savia quality. If not they I will consider other manufacturers. But I like the bluetooth functionality of the Paradise aids.
Audiogram is online.

If you were using domes before, yes, I think custom molds will help a lot.

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I was just about add I was using Power Domes.

I have been wearing aids over 16 years and most of that time I wore ITE half she’ll aids. I am now wearing MINIRite aids with custom ear molds that are very close to the half shell aids that I am use too, and I find they to be great for me. Once in the past I did try MINIRITE aids with domes, and I tried many different types of domes and never liked the aids, so I went back to ITE aids, but now to get me to understand speech I need the extra power the MINIRITE aids give me. At least for me custom ear molds are the only way.

These are some old aids. I still have a pair of them that work.

I have worn just about every generation of Phonak aids from the Savia aids to the Marvel aids. In my opinion each generation got better. About a year ago I put the Savia aids in my ears to just see if they work. The did and were very far behind in technology compared to the newer Phonaks.

Looking at your audiogram I believe you are in need of custom molds. This maybe why the BTE aids with domes did not do as well as they should or as well as your Savia ITE aids. With the correct acoustics the Paradise aids should be amazing compared to your old aids.

Good luck

Thanks @Raudrive. I needed some encouragement after the frustration of trying the domes for 2 weeks.