Will headphone companies take over the hearing aid business?


Not all people have mild to moderate hearing loss, so there will always be the ones of us that have to have real hearing aids.

Best Buy’s online hearing assessment is interesting! It tests simple speech in noise and gives a normal, mild, moderate or severe hearing loss rating. It’s intended to be used with headphones. I used my hearing aids and was rated a mild loss.

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@mdb So, they have another customer in waiting! :wink:


Are you implying you’re a potential customer or me? I’m not interested. The ones I’ve seen are too expensive and too little support offered. If they get down to a couple of hundred dollars, I might be interested in having them as backups and something with more of an ITE profile.


Probably not as the big hearing manufacturers already own severals brands and have their own kind of OTC solutions.

Maybe the only threat for the big HA companies are the High Tech companies like Apple & Samsung who already have severals products they could adapt to be used as HA. They also have the expertise, millions of customers, R&D, money, etc.

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You, jokingly. Interesting how they found your case mild. Was there any warning not to use HAs on their test? It mightdistort the results. A little.


Oh, I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to wear my hearing aids. Test seems severely limited in that there’s no calibration of volume. They just suggest a comfortable level. Although my loss looks pretty dramatic, it really is mild in the left ear out to to 3kHZ and many hearing aid fittings only help out to about that. I enjoy being able to access high frequency sounds via frequency lowering. No way I’d hear them with traditional gain.


I think, per Bose, headphone companies will be surprised by the level of support many hearing aid users actually need.

And then, how many headphone companies are already owned by the same companies that own hearing aid manufacturers? For example, doesn’t William Demant, who owns Oticon, also own Sennheiser?

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Excellent! I’ll look for it and see how I do!

I’m interested in trying the test from Best Buy.

I think it’s helpful being able to test how my hearing aids are doing for me. My feeling is that I’m getting by—then i have a mis-hear situation where I didn’t really understand what the group was talking about. Then my better half says “your hearing aids aren’t working”…

I believe that this new competition will inspire hearing aid manufacturers to think outside the box and provide much better service for those of us who use their products.