Will Exelia ART M with slim tube work for me?

I am ready to replace my Widex Senso Diva’s, which are three or four years old, with something that I hope will better serve my needs. My most recent hearing test is 18 months old, and those figures are listed below. I know that I need a new test and expect to see two or three local audiologists for that so I can get a variety of recommendations, and determine who might be most helpful in fine tuning the system.

Aside from the obvious loss in the high frequencies and the miserable discrimination, fitting is complicated with a couple of problems in the right ear. First, my ENT detected a small hole in the ear drum maybe a year ago which has not closed up. Neither of us wants to consider surgery, and he says he believes it is not responsible for more than about a 10% loss, so I should live with it. There is currently no infection. Second, the canal has a much sharper first bend than the left ear, and I produce a lot of movement there when I chew etc. We used soft molds for a long time, then more recently a hard Lucite. At this point in time I have pretty much given up on having a mold made which does not eventually cause pain and/or allow feedback. So I am determined if at all possible to go to a slim tube with perhaps a tulip dome. Based on what I have read here and elsewhere I want to consider the Phonak Exelia ART M with those fittings.

I downloaded the fitting chart and plotted the most recent figures I have, and it appears I am almost within the slim tube range, with the right ear being just 5db out at 4000 and 8000. If that just means that we can’t get as much gain on that side as we’d like, I’m willing to trade that for comfort. Right now I often leave that aid out because of the physical discomfort and the constant beeping, and that of course means essentially no binaural hearing at all.

My iPhone is the only phone I use. It feeds a CLA7-BT neckloop, and on to the T-Coils. I expect the iCom to be much better, bypassing the T-Coils and providing stereo. I have a room loop feeding T-Coils for TV viewing, and hope to replace that with something better, maybe a bluetooth transmitter to the iCom, though I have no experience with that yet. My wife listens to the direct audio, so we have to be careful to avoid an echo effect, or delays that interfere with lipreading.

I have a lot of work to do here with local audiologists, but I would very much appreciate having your comments as a starting place. I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Frequency L - R
0250Hz - 25 - 30
0500Hz - 40 - 40
1000Hz - 55 - 50
2000Hz - 60 - 75
4000Hz - 80 - 95
8000Hz - 85 - 95

DS% - 52 - 36