Will Easy-tek work with Signia Nx?

Question, mostly for the pros, but welcome anyone who knows. The Bluetooth device I was sold is the Smart Mic (Rexton), similar to the Streamline Mic (Signia). I know it will not work with the previous hearing aids, but will the previous Bluetooth device work with the latest hearing aids, Kirkland 8.0 or Signia Nx?

It is called Smart Connect (Rexton) or Easy-tek (Signia).

It has some advantages, in that it will connect to two phones at one time, and has direct line in.

One website said it works with any e2e hearing aid, but one pro told me he didn’t think it would work with the Kirkland 8.0 or Signia Nx.

Can anyone speak to that?

Most Pros don’t know :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Look at the Signia accessories chart on page 36. It says No;

I see that. I’m just baffled why they would come out with a new device with less features, and not allow the old device to connect. The new device does have the remote Mic but I will probably only use that because there is no line in, and it only connects to one phone at a time. So when I get to work I turn Bluetooth off on the cell so the office phone can connect. Every day.
Actually twice a day because when i go to lunch i turn bluetooth on, on the cell. Didn’t have to do that on my 2013 Resound Phone Clip+.

Prior to NX, they used their own protocol. Communication is now Bluetooth, other than phone audio, which requires the StreamlineMIC

OK, just heard back from a vendor and they claim the easy-Tek works with the Signia Nx.

I have an email in to Signia and Rexton but haven’t gotten their answer yet. Even before this there were conflicting answers but so far no one has said yes, they use it on the Nx.

Heard back from Sivantos and they are saying the easy-tek does not work with the Nx line. So unless someone can definitively refute that, I will quit. Now I just have to decide whether to keep the Costco KS8.0.

It does NOT work. Period.

The StreamlineMIC works better than EasyTEK. I have used both. It can also be used as a remote mike.

Easy-tek connects to two phones, so I would not have to start stop Bluetooth several times a day.