Will Costco upgrade my KS9 to KS9 Telecoil?

Found for $200… just have no idea if they will connect or not…directly to HA

Found at Costco or online? Assuming Costco can get one, I would think Costco would be much easier to deal with if you had any problems. It’s my understanding that PartnerMic should work directly with your HA. Might need something set up in Target. Don’t know.

Amazon review…

The Part about it having a dedicated Phoack Ferquency …is the part that makes me think it wont work with HS9S…valid concern or not ?

I’ve had the PartnerMic for a month and I like it a lot, enough to buy a second one since the battery charge lasts only about six hours. The things I don’t like are (1) its range which is 1-2 rooms in a building and 25 yards in open space, and (2) it generates a chime every time the wearer goes in or out of range which can be annoyingly frequent if the wearer is on the edge of the range. It uses a dedicated Phonak frequency, not Bluetooth so it doesn’t take up one of the HA’s two allowable Bt pairings. It has to have its own program, which, optionally, can also get limited input from the acoustical mic if you want it - I find it somewhat useful in group situations but the PM definitely works best for the wearer’s voice. Its program(s) must be set up by your hearing aid vendor; once set up your HAs automatically switch to it when the PM is powered on - a nice feature. Write if you have more questions. see less

Your HAs got recently firmware update which enables this phonak roger hardware and why I keep saying you also need receivers / license / key, call it as you wish.

About pen 1.1 range, just tested for you. Me 2m apart from person talking (that’s 6+ feet) with fan between us directing towards that person, sound comes to my ear loud and clear. Closer, evem better.
In ‘interview’ mode.

But for further away I think this fan killed the target sound from person speaking.

Laid down mode wasn’t that good. For mode when it hangs around the neck, it had to be really close, so that could be 6 inches.

I think pen 1.1 iN version could be your answer (or pen 1.1 + 2 roger X and transferring)

Hope this helps somewhat :slight_smile:

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Thanks Blacky…Pen is less expensive on Ebay …seeing them in the $120 range

This is from the Brio4 info, but it supports that Costco should sell PartnerMic (look under Accessories) Costco Phonak Brio 4 (Product Information)

The PartnerMic from Amazon should work but I personally would much rather deal with Costco. They may need some nudging but you should be able to get one, and if you don’t like it, you just take it back. Regarding the “dedicated Phonak Frequency,” that’s just their proprietary system. KS9 with recent firmware update should work fine.

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OK … $99 …Ebay …they had a couple left at that price


For that price I’ll try the pen first

You’re still gonna need Roger X Receivers and a way “install” them.

Ok I have head up tail … I misunderstood and thought with the firmware update they would connect directly to HA’s

I canceled the purchase

They will connect directly to the hearing aids, but you either need a Roger iN device (pen or select) Those come with the “receivers” built in and you transfer them to the hearing aids or you need Roger X receivers and those get transferred electronically to hearing aids. The PartnerMic does not need this (nor is as advanced as Roger devices)

lol…OK I ordered the Partner Mic … $199 on Amazon… the thing is it will be at least $200 less than Costco and Amazon returns are easy as well

I have a feeling you will really like the PartnerMic in your Uber vehicle.
Please share your thoughts on it later.

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I will… Velcro to the Plexiglass Sneeze Barrier on the passenger side

Thanks All…I’ll update … Shipping isn’t until July 8th -July 15th …The one thing I could use right away and it isn’t available for 2 day prime shipping

BTW…this is the barrier I made …

So you can see between passengers wearing Masks and this barrier …not so easy to hear them

Curious how you know that Costco’s price would be so high? They’re TV Connect is only $100 I believe.

Morning MDB I’ll call Costco today and price it. I have the Tv Connect , don’t recall the price, I’m actually sitting here looking for my Costco receipts

OK…I’ve had the PartnerMic (Phonak) about a week now.

It’s “okay” 3 out 5 stars if you will. I have it a foot from the passengers in the rear of the car .If they are speaking directly towards it then voices come through well but tinny … like AM VS FM radio.

For $200 I was expecting far better. It is coming in handy but audio pick up quality is lacking.

I will keep looking for Bluetooth mics but until I find something better this will work.

This may be adjusted in the Target software.
Are you getting outside noise or just the person speaking?
The tinny can be adjusted.

Voices have a hallow sound if that makes sense …

Software for the Mic? or Hearing aids?

The changes would be in the hearing aids Bluetooth+mic program in Target I believe.

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@Raudrive Nope, partnermic+ha is the program name.

BT are for streaming (2x automatically) plus bt for calls.

But, partnermic is supposed to be worn as lapel mic, so below the mouth on the shirt.
Test it like that and then judge. I’d be interested to hear the verdict, since I don’t have that device.

I’m not surprised that it doesn’t work out for you as you wanted since it’s not what it was designed for.

I think it uses directional mics, to be used as described. I’m not sure about that.
What I am sure is that it makes no financial sense for phonak to give for 200 what it sells for 1000+ :joy:

I am surprised that even in different usage it picks up something that you can work with.

However I feel for you, those gadgets are expensive and it definitely makes sense to try with least expensive one. If you don’t see the benefit, maybe return it?

If you’re in the USA, go to ebay, pick the seller with 100% good feedback, buy pen and 2x roger x receiver (unless you find pen iN version, I haven’t), go to your fitter to transfer the ‘licences’ from the x receivers to your HAs, pair HAs with pen and test that.

Or if you find select. But pen is around 100-150$ (ok, each roger x is similar, but still probably cheaper than pen iN, which could be around 800 usd. Here pen iN is around 900-1000 eur and select iN the similar)