Will Conexx Bluetooth work on the new Samsung Galaxy S9+


I have a Motorolla HD phone that I use with Bluetooth to connect my K7s to the world via iHeart, etc. I’m considering the latest Samsung S9+ as a replacement phone. Anyone know if they are compatible with the Conexx Bluetooth. With my present Bluetooth I can make/answer calls, listen to music, ramp the volume up or down, etc. I would sorely miss the BT necklace.


Bluetooth is standardized. The necklace follows the standards. The phone follows the standards and/or downward compatible. It’s the whole point of standards. Unlike certain tree-fruit companies products making up their own stuff. :slight_smile:
And no this is not a Betamax/VHS or Bluray/HDDVD thing either.


I’d agree for standard “necklace” type devices. For using an Android smart phone as a remote for bluetooth hearing aids by using an app, it can be iffy. I personally wouldn’t get a new Android phone without confirming with manufacturer or actually trying it that it would work as expected with current hearing aids. I’m not disagreeing with Z10s response–just trying to prevent people from generalizing it too far.


Thanks for the response. Since I would purchase the phone via Costco kiosk and the HAs are from Costco, I should get a definitive answer from them before purchasing. I would hate to shell out a thousand bucks only to find it doesn’t work for me. My present moto phone works fine. It’s just getting a bit old.


The OP was mentioning the actual “Conexx Bluetooth” (I believe he’s actually referring to the Rexton Smart Connect)…not any aftermarket one. As we know there’s only one manufacturer making an any-phone direct-connect HA. He’s not asking about that.
At least that’s how I interpret it.


I believe you are correct sir. Purchased the the Smart Connect at Costco and it works well with my K7s. I was wondering if anyone uses this with the new Samsung S9+ sooper dooper phone which I am thinking of purchasing.


That’s what I thought. So yes…bluetooth is bluetooth (in this context). The beauty of standards.


Z10. I agree with you. I just didn’t want casual readers to think that all Android phones were compatible with all Bluetooth hearing aid apps. I’ve heard of some weird incompatibilities with top of the line phones. You didn’t say anything to imply that, but if somebody just read “bluetooth is bluetooth” and assumed too much, they’d be in trouble.


No problem MDB. I’m still not clear on what YOU mean by “Bluetooth hearing aid apps”. The context that I think is going on here is any device using bluetooth standards should be able to connect via bluetooth to the Rexton Smart Connect. (per the OP)
After that, it seems to me that any bluetooth sending device should be able to connect to any bluetooth receiving device due to standards. This is all EXCEPTING Apple products which have their own extension of under-the-hood-bluetooth. But I’m no expert.


The Signia nx Charge and Go hearing aids that I’m trialing have an app called My Control. It uses LE Bluetooth to communicate with the hearing aids and is compatible with SOME Android smart phones (seems like mainly advanced Samsungs and Googles) It’s not compatible with my phone, in that my phone won’t pair with the aids through the app. What’s weird is that the same app is used to communicate with their Streamline Mic. I’m not sure if my phone will pair with it or not. Find out Wednesday. What’s even weirder is that the Signia My Touch app which is almost identical to the app we use with the KS7 will also work. I’ve probably just muddied the waters further but what I was trying to accomplish is to encourage people to read carefully and assume too much.


Oh now I see. I didn’t know other “apps” used some kind of bluetooth. See…i just assumed :slight_smile: I had imagined that all those apps sent signals by sound like our KS7’s. Other than of course Apple. Or manufacturer intermediate devices.
So sure ok that makes sense…other phones probably with BT5 that already includes LE. Interesting. Thanks


Well I had such a hassle going back and forth between the Costco hearing booth and the Verizon kiosk at Costco struggling to make the connection work with my Samsung s9+. Had to jump through many hoops to get it to work and never consistently, so I returned my new superphone and had them fire up my ‘old’ droid turbo HD. I am in a happy place now and everything is working just like it did. Did I mention I got my $79.17 charge back and overall I will save about a thousand bucks by keeping the old phone. So much for so called state of the art phones.