Will audiologist program Oticon Opn 1 purchased from eBay?

Hello. Ive always used Oticon and currently have the Opn 1’s. I found a great deal on eBay and decided I definitely need a back up pair. My question is will my audiologist program the set from eBay? Or will she refuse because they’re from eBay ?

Depends on the audiologist / clinic. I would call a few different clinics and see what they say in terms of whether they would do it and prices etc. If you already have OPN 1s and your backup set is also OPN1 it should be a pretty straight forward appointment. Providing the receivers are the same power level the audiologist would be able to take a readout of your current hearing aids and then transfer the settings straight across to the backup set (and perhaps re-run a feedback test).


This is a very touchy subject with some fitters/audiologist. Some will come up with a very expensive rate but do it. Just remember, it’s a 10 minute job and you can get the hardware and software for a couple hundred dollars to do it yourself with the help of members here on the forum.


The only way to find out is to ask your audiologist. If your concerned that he’s going to take an attitude then you probably shouldn’t buy them or find another audiologist. Either way you’re not going to get an answer here

I moved out of state and went to new ENT. His audi doesn’t carry my brand but tested me. So i had copy of new and old test in hand
Aids needed a very small tweak at one level. Called around.
One place charged $400 to walk in the door. Told them i had moved and my audiologist is on another coast. They held firm.
Called another and they said “sorry but we have to charge you $50!”
Guess who i would continue to see in future?


I was gifted my first set of aids and found an audi to set them up with a hearing test for $300. Eventually she got pissy about it so I found another audi to tweak them, and set up later pairs I purchased on ebay. She was cheap but did not do a great job. But I think it is important to find an audi to test them and make sure they are working right and not stolen before the ebay return period ends. I did purchase a programmer for $100 on ebay and got the software from here. But it turns out the software is not self-explanatory, I seem to make things worse when I program them myself. So for a long time I have lived with “ok” programming. No perfect solutions. I do think the costco deal for about $1500 for a pair of excellent hearing aids with programming is the way to go for most people.


Thank you so much for your feedback! I tried the Costco brand but didn’t prefer them over my OPN’s. I was trying to save money :joy:. My hearing loss is the reversal tone deafness where I hear highs and lows but not mid levels. Very unique apparently.

I did see where we can order our own programmers but that looked way too technical for me :weary:

If you bought your current aids from this AuD and they understand these will be backups it should take them a couple of minutes to load your current settings. I suspect they will do it.

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I bought my current ones from factory direct hearing. And went thru quite a bit to find my current audiologist that would program them. Everyone else said they were considered “black market”. I will give my current audiologist a call to try and not push my luck :woman_facepalming:t3:
I just cannot afford $6k for a set directly from the audiologist …but then again I can’t function without them

As Raudrive has mentioned, it’s so easy to program your own HAs, so don’t stress too much if you can’t find a clinic that will work with you, DIY is the way forward for anyone in this type of situation, buy cheap on eBay and save your money.

Some places won’t charge you, because they hope you will be impressed with the service and will think of them the next time you’re in the market. Some will charge an outrageous (in my opinion) amount, because you are taking their time but won’t buy from them. Others might have an amount they will charge but it will cover a set time period (often a year) of adjustments, cleanings, etc.

I’m not super familiar with the Oticon OPN1. Is it telecare compatible?