Will Any HA Work?

Recently I was sent to an audi for testing. My symptoms: I misunderstand people often. Sometimes giving crazy replies. Have most problem in when a lot of noise. In a crowded restaurant I hate to even try to talk to the waiter especially when a soft spoken female. I hear her, but don’t understand half of what she says. If it is quiet, I understand ok.

My Audiogram:

Right Freq Left
5 250 5
10 500 10
10 1K 10
20 1.5K 15
40 2K 50
70 3K 65
85 4K 75
80 6K 75
75 8K 70

After the test the audiologist talked about aids, but did not seem to be to eager to start. I was going to be out the country for a month or so and all he said was to come by and we will try a few things to see if I could be helped. He did mention that a few years back there was no hope for my problem, but now there are some things he could try. I really could not tell by his reaction that he felt he could help me a lot. Or, maybe he was wanting me to think that there is hope, but expensive.

I met a man who wears Oticon Delta 8000s and loves them. He describes his problem much like mine. But maybe his audiogram is not as bad as mine.

I liked the way the Delta’s look, but my audi uses Phonak and ReSound(?).

Any advice appreciated;. Cost will be a factor. I will pay what I have to, but don’t want to pay for too may bells and whistles, just wantahear!


Hi wantahear,

Seeing as my audiogram is much worse than yours, and I can recieve some benefit from aids I don’t see why they wouldn’t help you.

My current audiogram is…the X’s mean I didn’t respond.

Freq. R L
250 100 95
500 100 105
1000 90 100
2000 100 110
3000 90 X
4000 110 X
6000 X X
8000 X X

For my current loss I am going to be trying the Phonak Naida next week, my audie seems optomistic that I will benefit from it.

My previouse audiogram is…(this is from January)

Freq. R L
250 60 65
500 50 55
1000 55 60
1500 60 65
2000 60 75
3000 60 80
4000 60 75
6000 60 90
8000 60 85

When those were my thresholds I getting lots of benefit from Phonak Savia Arts. I loved them, they helped me a lot.

I don’t know much about mirco BTE’s and open fit aids simply because I couldn’t benefit from them.

I do know that Phonak has something similar to the Oticon Delta called the Audeo (http://www.audeoworld.com/country_selection.htm) If you look at the Phonak website (http://www.phonak.com/) you can find info on all of their aids.

I hope you find aids that you feel work for you!

Thanks JennyB,

Will look into those sites and feel better about my situation.

(Sorry to ALL for posting this in 2 places, got a message that I was in wrong place and thought I canceled one!)