Will a single Phonak Brio (Costco) work?

Was just outside putting away some gardening equipment, got stung on the ear by a wasp. As soon as I felt the burn I started swatting at it, knocking my right Costco Phonak Brio into the brush. Cannot find it.

The right one controls volume, the left selects different programs. I find the left one will not work at all now. Is the left dependent on the right to work? Would rather have one than none until I can get a new pair.



OK, a single will work, while I was swatting away around my head I damaged the cable on the left on. Replaced and now working.
Now it’s hands and knees again tomorrow in the grass. Yeesh.

Check with Costco. If under 3 years old, they will replace a lost one, once.

Not for these, secondhand.

Do you self program or have access to somebody who can program?

No. I have been trying to get info on self programming but no luck as yet. I think I need Target Software for Brios?

Yes you need Target software. They won’t show in the list of hearing aids but will be detected once you click connect. You’ll also need a iCube II.

I think it could be made to work by itself by somebody with programming equipment and software. If you find somebody that will do it, great, but if you’re going to spend money I think it would be better spent on a pair of hearing aids.

Stop wearing someone else’s prescription if that is what you are doing.

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I am not wearing someone else’s Rx.

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These aids are second hand and you have not programmed them for your loss. Did you get a fitter or AUD to program them for your hearing loss?

And you know this how? You know my history with these HA’s? How?
Don’t make statements about which you know nothing.

They were programmed for my Rx.

These are your quotes.
I just read what you said.

Read it more carefully, one statement had nothing to do with the other, answers to different posts by different people.