Will a hear aid help?

Recently I was sent to an audi for testing. My symptoms: I misunderstand people often. Sometimes giving crazy replies. Have most problem in when a lot of noise. In a crowded restaurant I hate to even try to talk to the waiter especially when a soft spoken female. I hear her, but don’t understand half of what she says. If it is quiet, I understand ok.

My Audiogram:

Right Freq Left
5 250 5
10 500 10
10 1K 10
20 1.5K 15
40 2K 50
70 3K 65
85 4K 75
80 6K 75
75 8K 70

After the test the audiologist talked about aids, but did not seem to be to eager to start. I was going to be out the country for a month or so and all he said was to come by and we will try a few things to see if I could be helped. He did mention that a few years back there was no hope for my problem, but now there are some things he could try. I really could not tell by his reaction that he felt he could help me a lot. Or, maybe he was wanting me to think that there is hope, but expensive.

I met a man who wears Oticon Delta 8000s and loves them. He describes his problem much like mine. But maybe his audiogram is not as bad as mine.

I liked the way the Delta’s look, but my audi uses Phonak and ReSound(?).

Any advice appreciated;. Cost will be a factor. I will pay what I have to, but don’t want to pay for too may bells and whistles, just wantahear!


if cost is a factor GN is the aid for you…

I would pick perhaps a Pulse… But for my money I would pick a dot 10…

Your audiogram doesn’t look that bad, compared to most people here. Unless there’s something else going on that your not mentioning, I’m surprised your audiologist would even say you couldn’t be helped a few years ago. Unless it was 20 years ago, I definitely wouldn’t classify your loss as something that couldn’t be helped by a hearing aid. That doesn’t sound right to me.

I think what the audiologist was saying is that before open fit aids, wantahear probably would not have been very thrilled with hearing aids because the hearing is failry normal through 1500 Hz and probably would have been driven crazy with the ears feeling plugged up with the hearing aids in. Open fit aids are ideal for this hearing loss, and since the hearing drops so much at 2000 Hz there should be some noticeable benefit from amplification.

Phonak’s Audeo comes in two vesions (V and IX), and ReSound has Dot 10, 20 and 30. They don’t have quite as many color choices as Oticon Delta, but cosmetically they are very nice (Dot is the smallest).

Since you will be gone for a month, the audiologist probably just wants to wait until you get back to make sure you will be available for follow-up appointments. Especially for new users, these visits are very important to make sure that your aids are adjusted correctly.

I would say that is a significant High frequency hearing loss, that is often associated with poor speech discrimination in noise, but could also bring issues with children’s voices, female speakers and highly accented speakers -particularly if the speaker isn’t facing the person with hearing loss.TV clarity may also be an issue.

Is suspect what the audi meant was that until we had proper open fit devices (made possible through decent feedback management systems) about 3 or so years ago, the success rate with high frequency losses such as this was quite low due to occlusion, poor cosmetics associated with large BTE’s as well as Feedback issues on more cosmetically appealing devices (also many devices only had a 3 to 4Khz frequency range). These days an Openfit with a Ceet mould should be able to do the trick wihout the issues described above.

Thanks, If cost were not a factor, what would you use?

(And sorry to ALL for posting this in 2 places. I got a message that I was in the wrong forum and thought I canceled, but see it did not cancel.)

In studying other threads I know you like the Delta 4000. IF the audi would fit either the dot 10 or Delta 4000, which would you prefer?

even though I fit more deltas, the Dot is a far superior instrument… comparing apples to apples… (that is delta 4000 vs Dot 10)

Let see, the dot is really a new instrument-it was just release not long ago (january)… so you can expect a lot of features for less price…

For example, the dot has datalogging, adaptative directionality, wind noise reduction,9 bands for gain, etc. which Delta 4000 doesnt…

So i would recomend dot… if you could afford the extra ump… get dot 30…

the enviromental optimizer and natural directionallity are well worth it…

Over all, GN has always been cheaper than oticon and many of the

companies out there//

I found this fitting chart for the GN dots…

Do I read this right that the dots can correct a hearing loss of nearly 90db using a custom mold fit?

Pretty interesting stuff.

i believe you always need a 9mm of straight canal…
that said, while it is great it has that capability sometime we can not fit such aids… But yes it has a nice fitting range

I received my first HAs yerterday.
My loss was somewhat similar only worse on the low end.
The audiologist is taking it slowly until I adjust my brain but even so I can hear much better. Is it perfect, obviously no but I find that I am much more relaxed during conversations (I was always a little tense from the constant attentiveness to hear). This is hard to describe…it is more of what I sense than anything else. It has only been 24 hrs so far and even though my ears feel strange and some sounds are wierd, I have no desire to take them off.
I guess that speaks volumnes. I met with our Dir of Personnel this morning on an unrelated issue but she confided that she wishes she could get her husband to consider HAs…he is so difficult to talk with.

Our hearing difficulty really becomes everyone else’s problem and that isn’t really what we want to have happen.

I know that for a fact and is the main reason I am considering HA. After joining this forum and reading all I can for the last 2-3 weeks, I have scheduled a consult to talk about which aids will be best for me. I also am glad I waited until after the AAA since there may be something else to consider. But I will go to the audi with a lot more understanding because of this forum.

For now, I’m thinking Oticon’s Epoq, GN’s Dot, or Phonak microPower, but can’t wait to see what AAA unveils.