Wife says I talk too loud

Got my hearing aids from VA, and they have ear molds surrounding the RIC receiver, with a vent (not adjusted, just the hole in the ear mold). I’m going to be trying some self-programming as I want to be able to modify things based on the environments I’m in, since what I have now is not working exactly right.

My wife says I talk too loud (I sound “normal” to me) and when I go to a restaurant or bar I am finding it really hard to hear conversation, and the noise is not being attenuated as much as I think it should, even in the “restaurant” mode.

I’ve been reading that the Linx 2’s have a soft speech setting, as well as a lot of noise settings, so am assuming that I need to increase the soft speech, and decrease the noise settings? Would the soft speech setting be what is needed to allow me to hear myself as loud?


Oh my… I’m guessing you don’t expect to go back to the VA?

Wouldn’t it be better to have a professional do the adjustments? When I first got my HA’s it took my about 3 or 4 visits until I got them the way I like them.

If you are new to hearing aids it will take up to 6 months to get use to them and it can take 3 or 4 adjustments to the hearing aids. Also do not I repeat do not make your own adjustments if you wish to continue to get your aids from the VA.

It takes time to adjust to the hearing aids and for the fitter to make all the adjustments to fine tune the aids. A good fitter will respond to your concerns but it is a bit trial and error to get things the way you’d like to have them.

You now have aids set to your prescription. Features can be tweaked in your next visit. If you have concerns, you should contact your VA fitter and ask for a followup appointment.

Getting used to the aids takes time. Your brain is adjusting to sound it hasn’t heard for a long time. This adjustment varies from weeks to months. Don’t let that frustrate you. It is something we all go though.

hearing aid are not like glasses, it takes time to adjust to them. It took me almost 6 months for my first hearing aids, it now takes me about 6 weeks for new aids.

Thanks for the comments, sorry, should have given more background, I’d first gotten aids while in the Army about 25 years ago, and have had 8 different sets, now, six from VA, the last two were Resound Linx2. First I had the ITC with size 312 battery, but problems with them not talking to each other, and BT streaming very spotty (VA audi was told that some people’s heads are too fat (thick) or have too much water and that attenuates the ITC’s signal, due to the smaller battery), was given the RIC with size 13 battery last November, and have been back for six times to get things right. So, am pretty used to wearing them, and have tried to get them tuned right (and, agree…takes several months and visits to get things right). I’ve searched with Google and in this Forum to get info to give to my audi, and, she’s been nice enough to try things I suggest (I have been lucky in that I also work for VA in IT, so am able to both talk to them as well as understand the technical side of things).

But, no matter what I describe to them and how they adjust things, still having issues with noisy situations and wife saying I talk too loud (which…she’s not often said before, so, seems more an issue with the current aids and adjustments).

I was able to get the latest Aventa software and purchase an AirLink II, took the online courses on Aventa and Linx2, so…figured I could do at least a fair job at doing some slight tweaks as I encounter the issues–nothing major, and, at the least, will gain an understanding of what needs to be done so that I can let my audi know.

I’m not approaching this lightly, or blindly, and have already saved my current settings so that I can restore them back if any changes cause an issue. I’m assuming as long as I go slowly, and make only small, incremental changes to certain areas, and restore the settings back, that I wouldn’t cause any problems with the aids or VA?


Why would you assume no problem with the VA? Either ask to switch AuDs or ask they have a factory rep onsite. Or if you have had these less then 90 days or ask to try a different brand.

Maybe you are just a loud talker. I am.

with all the experts you have missed the most obvious. There is a good chance that you wife is insane. did you ask if she hears your voice loudly when you are not around?

Thats a good point. She is a wife, after all.

I had a guy ask me if I had a product LIKE a hearing aid that would record the voices in his ears so he could prove to other people that they were there. So this is not an entire impossibility.

Same here. Mine are getting even better with time getting use to them.