Widex USB Link + extras for sale

The items are now sold.

Hi folks

I have a Widex USB link (used, but never used by me!) for sale, come with “extras” (CD with drivers and more) and USB cable. I’m in Canada and I got it for a good deal, will pass it along. $200 USD including shipping to continental north america. send me a PM and if I don’t reply right away reply to this thread letting me know … for some reason I don’t get all the emails from this forum always.

I bought this because I was fitted for a pair of Widex 330’s and now it turns out I didn’t need them after all.

I just purchased a pair of Widex Clear 440 PA’s. Would I be able to program them myself if I purchased this? I’m not sure if my Audiologist will because I didn’t purchase them from him. I’m somewhat tech knowledgeable if the instructions and CD are comprehensive. Thanks in advance!

Technically the answer is yes, you would be able to program them with this hardware, but the real answer is that you shouldn’t try to do it yourself unless you’ve had years of training. At the very least pay the audiologist to do your initial setup (even if you didn’t purchase from them you can almost certainly pay them to fit them for you). The CD doesn’t have that level of instruction – you need years of training to be able to get to that point (I haven’t even opened it, but just guessing it doesn’t have a how to become an audiologist overnight manual). As much as I’d like to sell this hardware I don’t want to sugar coat it for anyone. Having this hardware is more for doing some tweaking on your own as opposed to starting from nothing and making your own full programs. If you still want it send me a PM and we can hook it up for you, but again I stress going to an audiologist for initial fitting at the very least.

Hi Gerk. I am hard of hearing too and have a Widex Dream 220. I see you have Compass GPS – I am looking for this software.

I’m new, so you probably can’t PM me, but please contact me at my email: p (dot) shimano (at) posteo (dot) org

It would be appreciated! Thanks


Do you still have the cable? If so please email me at the address above (I still can’t PM you)

Also I’ve read in your blog that you didn’t like the sound of Widex – could you please elaborate?


I still have the whole package, the unit, the cable and the CD (but I don’t really want to split any of it up).

The thing I didn’t like about the sound of the Widex specifically was the option to transpose down the higher frequencies into a more audible range … it made a lot of voices sound like they slurred their sibilance!

Thanks for the quick reply – I’m interested in buying the whole package.

Could you please email me at p (dot) shimano (at) posteo (dot) org
so that we can discuss.
(I don’t have the 20+ post count.)

email is already sent :slight_smile:

And the items are sold.

Hi! Can someone know where to buy the Widex USB Link + CD? (Order online or someone for sale)
Because, I want to buy it.

e-mail: benjinamor@gmail.com

Thank you!