Widex unique cic aids breaking up

I have asked for advice before, & now have a new audiologist & am meeting with the Widex rep soon. I have tried several set ups with these hearing aids & have a problem with the sound being quite “tight” and pulsing if that makes sense. It is most obvious with music, traffic noise and the tv when instead of sounding natural it breaks up and is stilted, sometimes to the point of not recognising the music or words. If I am right next to my radio it might sound okay but a bit “tight”, then as I move away & from a different room it will break up to an unidentifiable sound. I have worn Widex for over 20 years & never experienced this. We have tried the comfort /speech enhancer but that made speech distorted.

Does the sound quality seem soft or muffled? It’s possible that the hearing aids are not powerful enough for your loss. You’re at the upper limits of the recommended fitting range for the CIC model.

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They are the bigger cic aids, and I have had the same size for four different pairs & never had this breaking up of sound before. They have more power than my old ones so don’t think it’s an underpowered issue. Strangely it disappeared when we tried using old aid settings, but this sounded muffled & speech very difficult to hear so have gone back to prescription settings & got this issue back again!

what you are hearing is teh various sound processors - anti feed back, noise reducers, environmental adapters, speech enhancers, at work. They do not like varying but steady sound at all. Especially music. Go back to the audiologist and have them set up a “clean” channel for you - just say you want it for music. No sound processors at all. Then use that for day to day. You will probably have to have the loud sounds and soft sounds adjusted too, because the volume of the soft sounds and loud sounds adjustment interacts with the sound processors. After all the processors are turned off, then have the audiologist run a real Time analysis test of your aids.
Widex knows about this, so don’t let them off the hook. What yo have for an audiologist is one who doesn’t understand how teh sound processors affect the sound, and how to correct it. So you may be in for a slag, but keep at it. I have a friend with Widex aids, and she said once she shut off all the SPs (I think she runs the anti feedback at minimum( and the automatic channel switching, the aids sounded really good, so have heart.

When I read the posts here, the majority of the complaints about sound issues trace back to the sound processors not working correctly. I use no sound processors at all and I hear quite well, in spite of the belief by teh business that they are musts. What they are, really, are band aids,to cover for the fact that the basic Tone setting (EQ) isn’t right to begin with.

That does all make sense as the music programme has less issues, and it is a lack of being able to handle certain sounds. I have just been doing this for months now due to two audiologists leaving. The new one is good but have only seen her a couple of times as got Widex on board. We hopefully meet this Friday. It is very frustrating as I didn’t have this issue with the mind, inteo or senso. I wonder if I would have been better off with something simpler but the only Widex option seemed to be this one with all the automatic programmes, which seems to be making it a lot more complicated!