Widex Unique 440 Music Program

Hi all…
So I am evaluating a pair of these, RIC’s. I like them a lot, but I have completely failed trying to create a standalone music program (I am a semi-pro classical guitar guy). But I do find that if I just leave them in Universal mode, they eventually switch to a really nice music program. However, I cannot put them there, they have to sense the music and go there. Ideally, I could copy the parameters of that program and have the aud create a standalone program I can switch to and it won’t change if I stop playing or someone says something. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you!

The Music program can be added to one of your program slots. Have your audi look in the Program Manager.

Did that already, but after spending hours of time programming the newly added music program, it doesn’t sound anywhere near as great as the music program that is reached automatically via Universal. Its very frustrating. Thanks.

Have you tried taking in your guitar / some music to the appointment with you? This could help tune it if it hasn’t been done already - the dedicated ‘Music’ program in the software should just be a copy of the soundclass setting ‘music’ which the devices switch to once they have classified the incoming signal so I’m surprised there is such difference between the two. If I was trouble shooting this, I would firstly get you to play some music whilst on the ‘universal’ setting just to make sure the hearing aid is classifying it correctly (the clinician can see this in the software in real-time) - if by chance the hearing aid is classifying the signal as something else then the dedicated ‘music’ setting should be set up based upon this. Also, making sure the Universal program is ‘linked’ to the dedicated music so that all gain parameters are the same between the two programs is important to retain consistency - Last resort, the Clinician could set up a copy of your universal program and just set it to have a faster transition speed between soundclasses (not quite sure that’s a proper word!) but at least it may reach the music setting quicker. if none of these suit, perhaps getting your clinician to consult a Widex rep / have them sit in could help also

Well, believe it or not, we have done all of this. I always bring my guitar in and test it out there. The Universal program, despite being set to change as quickly as possible, takes quite some time, 10 secs or so, to change over to music. Often times it goes to “quiet sounds” (I think that’s the name, the icon is two leaves) while I am playing. Ironically, the quiet sounds is beautiful, if I could only just freeze that or, better yet, get the parameters and just clone it for a dedicated program, I would be very pleased.

The Music program and the Quiet Sounds program that are enabled via Universal are both light years better than any standalone music program. I’ve no idea why this is, nor why Widex won’t let us just copy one of them.

The idea of a 2nd Universal program wouldn’t work, because we’ve already have the first one set to fastest possible transition.

I can tell you its quite clunky, because I have played guitar in her office, and watched not only it stay stuck in some non-music program while I am playing quite forcefully, but perhaps even worse, sometimes while playing it will just switch out of music into something else, while nothing else is going on.

We had a Widex rep in once and he was great, guy with hearing loss like mine, very helpful. But knew nothing about music and I think told us you cannot clone a program from the Universal suite of sound classes anyhow…at least he got the phone connection humming.

Trying ReSound Linx2 next.

Thank you for suggestions…if anything else comes to mind, please let me know!

I’m afraid you’ve got me stumped there mate - looks like all the avenues have been investigated already! good luck with your next trial. Bernafon hearing aids have a good reputation for music so could be worth investigating this brand down the track if Resound dont work out for you.

Good luck

Thank you, its quite frustrating. If I had been unable to get no happiness with music at all, that would be one thing. But to have a perfectly good music sound class available, but only reachable dynamically is insane. Widex, more than any other manufacturer I have experience with, seems to be deaf (no pun intended) to the needs of customers. The rep confessed they don’t do anything with actual consumers, its Widex- audiologist- user, chain of command.