Widex TVDEX, Unable To Stream And Charge The Battery Simultaneously

After replacing a Widex TVDEX, I note that the unit will not stream audio to my Widex Beyonds while it is in its base or connected to an aC adapter. My previous unit worked perfectly in the above regard, in other words I could stream audio to my hearing aids and charge the battery simultaneously. Why, you might well ask, is this relevant? being totally blind, audio is everything, and I typically use TVDEX for more than 10 hours a day to do volunteer work on my talking computer and keep myself entertained. The only solution my clinician is offering is a free previously used TVDEX which I’m supposed to switch to when the battery on the first one goes dead. Yeah, it’ll work, but it isn’t entirely convenient, and no one, Widex and my clinician included, can explain why the new TVDEX functions differently than my previous one. Any ideas?