Widex Super

Widex have a new aid coming out called the Widex Super.

It is a RITE model and claims to be for severe-profound which is my hearing range.

I’ve been waiting for a BTE integrated wireless model but i dont think it ever going to come, Starkey didnt announce BTE model with the WI (I’ve tried Oticon Chilli and Phonak Naida but I didnt do too well with them plus they are not truly integrated wireless as they rely on a streamer).

I’m thinking of getting my audiologist to allow me to try the Widex Super however they have said in the past they have feedback problems with RITE hearing aids so dont recommend it to me for my hearing as a result I’m a bit sceptical about the Widex Super.

Can anyone advise if I would be a candidate?

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They have more feedback with RITE aids because most are open fit applications. With the Widex Super you would have a custom mold with the receiver inside. You would also have a small vent. I have a loss similar to yours and have no feedback problems with my Phonak Power RITE aids. In fact, the Widex site says that the Super has no feedback, so I think that your audi is doing you a disfavor by making such a statement.

Thanks Rogburr. I distincly remember my audiologist saying they havent done very well with RIC/RITE hearing aids cause of feedback. It may well be the audis own professional experience so im a bit disappointed to learn a year later that this may not in fact be correct.

Anyway, the amplification on the Widex super 143/87 is huge so I’m definately going to give it a try. Bit disappointed to learn that the super with FM wont come out until April/May in Australia but excited about the possibilities

I have a customer with a set of Clear 330’s on a power receiver/ power dome with all the settings pretty much maxed. He gets the odd squeak if he suddenly moves his jaw to fully open, but apart from that there’s no bother.

I’d say the fitting wizard in Compass pretty much removes the risk of feedback: as you run the feedback verification/gain modelling as part of the process.

The super is meant to be the natural transition model for people who are traditional analogue/power aid wearers. It’s also going to provide the missing upgrade for those people who have been wearing P37/P38s for years.

Ok…I had the P38 back in the day. It was a great aid.

Based on your experience Um Bongo. It does sound like if you have a well done custom mould fitting you wont have feedback problems.

Without seeing your ear I couldn’t categorically state that, however, there’s some excellent soft shell custom carved moulds out there now. If anything is going to seal your ear properly and hold it’s position, it’s one of these.

The Super is the natural replacement for the P38.

Does anyone have any information as to when the Widex 440 Super will be available for BTE in the USA? Thanks for your help.

Plan to check out the Widex Super but have serious reservations if WIdex has taken care of the feedback problems with RITC. Widex from what I can tell cannot offer a RITC (for sever to profound users) that does not have feedback problems. In fact I’m starting to wonder if a receiver in the canal is best for users with a profound hearing loss? Seem movment in jaw, (eating, talking, etc.) cause ear centered receivers to make serious noise, which makes H.A.'s useless. Widex did not do a good job with the Fusion regarding feedback. Lets see how they do with the Super 440.

I am referring to BTE Super. Any news?

Is this the first RITE aid for profound loss ?

I am trying a pair of Widex Supers right now and I have no feedback problem with them at all. The only thing I’m having a problem with is that my doctor can’t seem to get them turned down enough for my loss and they are very loud. My loss is in the moderate to profound range. I really like the romote and the capibilities of the aids though.

How come it was loud? Does it come with remote that you can lower the volume?
How clear is it with speech ?


I have found the sales brochure for Widex SUPER at their web side. The fitting range can be seen at page 10. It can be seen that SUPER with a P-receiver covers the range from 40dB HL to about 95dB HL, and SUPER with a SP receiver covers the range from 50dB HL to 110-120dB HL. Soo…

@Kingleviathan. Judging from your audiogram you should be a good candidate for SUPER with a SP receiver :slight_smile:

@stream2525. It comes with both a volume control switch and a program button.

@wijames. Sorry to hear that they are too loud for you. Are you fitted with the P receiver?


Anyone liked these aids?
Is it really a RIC?

I haven’t tried the aids, and don’t know how they are comparred to other brands…

The P (power) version is a RIC (reciever in the canal) and the SP (‘super’ power) version is a RITE (reciever in the ear). The latter is a rather large receiver due to the high hearing losses it covers and is therefore placed outside the canal. The RITE solution looks alot like an ITE aid beside the fact that the electronics is placed behind the ear.

I hope this answers your question.

Isn’t it the same as CLEAR with HP Receiver? Same fitting range?

Fusion HP and SUPER SP are both RITE solutions target for moderate to severe-to-profound hearing losses. The major difference is however that SUPER SP is more powerful than Fusion HP. The headroom is in average raised about 6dB. This may not sound of much, but for a person with a severe or profound hearing loss over the entire frequency spectrum this difference may make a world of difference.

I also saw someone with profound loss using Passion440 aids. Is passion of Fusion models? What does Fusion stand for ?
How much better are Clear Fusions that Passion in terms of speech ?

Hello I am Portuguese and I’m new here in the forum!
I wonder if the Widex hearing aid 440 super if resistance is resistance to water or sweat?
I am undecided what to choose between Starkey and Widex WII Super 440.
Wii has resistance to perspiration but the Super is for my problem that I have the ear is very severe or profound but I hear very well the old BTE hearing aids Widex Senso p38.

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Fusion and Passion are two different RIC hearing aids.

Passion is one of the absolutely smallest hearing aids on the marked. Due to its small size it uses size 10 batteries and has no t-coil. Passion comes in both a soft and moderate RIC version. It is recommended for minimal to moderately severe hearing losses.

Fusion is a larger hearing aid than Passion. Fusion uses size 312 batteries and comes with a t-coil. It comes both in 2 RIC (M and P) and 1 RITE (HP) version. It is recommended for minimal to severe-to-profound hearing losses. The highest hearing losses in the range should use the RITE version and the lowest should use the moderate RIC version.
Your Phonak Audeo Smart is Phonaks version of this aid and WI RIC is Starkey’ version.

The speech intelligibility should be the same for Passion and Fusion when the same receiver type is used.

@Silvestre1985: If it is possible you should consider trying both aids. Some dispensers offers a trial period of some weeks duration where you can try the hearing aids you are considering.
Honestly I don’t know if Starkey WI RIC or Widex SUPER is best regarding water and sweat resistance, but it is hard to see that they should be that different…