Widex Senso user - I want to change my HA

Hi, everyone! I’m new here, and I have already have read many topics here about hearing aids, but i’m still pretty lost.
I use Widex Senso ( C18+), I can’t remember for how long time, but i’m pretty sure that at least 10 years have passed since I exchanged my aids for the last time.
Although I’m very happy with them and didn’t notice any troubles, I’m considering buying a new pair, since so much has changed in the last years and the technology seems to be way more advanced now. Here in my country (Brazil), the most common brands are Phonak, Widex and Siemens.
Wireless devices are not important for me, I don’t think I’d use it. I’m most concerned with: resistance (my Senso, for example, has never broken or been severely damaged, and I use it all the time, walking, running, in the rain, in the summer [which is very hot here where I live], and I sometimes do let them fall on the floor etc) and quality of sound (by the way, one complaint about Senso is that music, sometimes, gets kind of noisy).

So, my questions are:

  1. I know i’ts not up to you to know, but do you guys think it’s worth to change my aids or should I keep with my Senso?
  2. Between Phonak, Siemens and Widex, what do you, individually, prefer? I’ve noticed that people around here seem to prefer Phonak, but I’ve never heard of them before.

If anyone can answer this, I’d be very, very thankful. I’m willing to be able to help you guys also, in the future. On this Thursday I’m gonna try one of Siemens (I don’t know which one yet, I’m gonna se with the audiologist), and I intend to post a review here.

Thank you! (and sorry for any mistakes in my english)

  1. Technology has moved a lot since the Senso, so you should be able to improve your hearing situation a lot.

  2. I do not hide the fact that I think Starkey make the best hearing aids in the world. I’ve fitted all the major brands in my career, and seen patient responses one versus another since 1994, and I have so consistently seen better results with Starkey, it’s the only brand I bother with now.

So my personal bias disclosed, here are my thoughts on the brands you mentioned.

I’ve never been that impressed or excited with Phonak or Siemens. I consider their products to be in the middle. Neither horrible like Miracle Ear nor amazing or impressive. Just blah. Okay, nothing special, ordinary.

Widex on the other hand, along with Oticon and ReSound are my favorites behind Starkey. So on that basis, I’d be looking at what Widex has to offer. After all they have served you well for over a decade, that’s pretty good value right there.

I’m going to agree that Starkey are right up there at present; they made great analog instruments back in the day, came along with some fairly ordinary digital offerings at first (along with others) , but everything since Destiny has been excellent product. Phonak technology is sound, as is the Siemens Bestsound stuff, and Oticon are a class act; I’m a bit less convinced about Resound right now, I think they’ve not really kept pace; but I admit I’m not that familiar with their latest product.
However, I’d certainly look at Widex; not least because from experience migrating some of their wearers to other brands can be fraught with difficulty, moreso than most other brand switches.
Good luck whichever way you go.

Thank you for the answers!
So there’s also Starkey… I guess they sell in Brazil as well, but i’m not sure.
I think you’re right, maybe it would be easier for me to adjust with a Widex. But it’s so much money spent that i’m nervous about the fact that I may not be choosing the “best one”… Since Siemens is with a 50% discount in one of the aids, I’m gonna try it anyway, but I’m not going to buy it before try at least one of Widex.
Thanks again!

Getting used to another processing will be hard but the Widex sound quality has been improved significantly but still kept the foundations of Senso

So today I started trialing one of Siemens, but it’s been hard. It’s one called Centra, because the audiologist said that it didn’t have much different with the tops but the connectivity thing, in which I wasn’t interested. Well, everythings seems way quiet to me. It’s like everything had microphones and the rest was quiet. The audiologist said it’s because my other aids made noises themselves and I got used to it. Anyway, in a few days I’m gonna readjust it, but it’s too soon to tell. I’m wearing it for less than an hour… just wanted to share.
If anyones has any thoughts about this, please tell me.
I’m still wanting to try one Widex before making any final decision.

For a start Centra is an older product… The advice you are getting doesn’t seem to be in your best interest. My first call if I were you would be to another Audiologist…
You will find it hard moving from Widex but it can be done. It will not be done with a Siemens Centra

In my opinion (I’ve used hearing aids for eleven years) Phonak sounds the best…but that’s so subjective. I think asking the folks here what they prefer is going to get you an extremely varied response…with no aid winning out over any other. You just need to try a couple different ones with a trusted professional and go from there…and let us know how it works out!

hi-and I also had widex for some years.recently tried another widex-but found Oticon agil pro better sound.All very different.But,you would find great improvement for aids today.
Music–I still having issues with and adjustments tomorrow with audiologist.
I read that some people are loving widex passion (forget what number!)–and seem happy.
I trialled a widex recent,but music was still unpleasant.Plus inner ear aids/which i had liked,but they did not give as good sound as oticon agil.i did not trial the new widex that is out now,so maybe you should trial that and others to have at least 2-3 weeks with each trial.
takes time to sort it out.
Best of luck.Let us know how you go?

One user said he owned a Phonal Audeo IX and it had a comfortable sound, but did not have the cristality of the Widex Passion 440s. That person also preferred the Passions because of the Clearer sound although more “disturbing.”

Not sure about Phonak sounding best because there are new other hearing aids nowadays. Maybe it sounded best a few years ago, while nowadays hearing aid brands all sound best because of the improved technology. Also there are a lot of complaints about Phonak having distorting sounds. Correct me if I am wrong.

@Tracey Johnson: Let me know how your Oticon’s go and if they are good for speech, in noisy environments?

Hi! So, I’m trialing Widex Flash BTE. It has only 5 channels, and I think it’s going to be a lot easier for me to adjust.
I tried one of Siemens, with about 16 channels, but I can’t stand it for too much time. It’s too silent for me. Also, all the sounds sound completely fake, like there were invisible microphones on everything.
So far I’m enjoying the Flash, but I don’t see what would be de advantage to buy it, since I had almost all the compression features disabled. The only good thing is that I am able to switch programs.

hi-and I have not trialed starkey.
I had widex sensor for some years.I did not really like much what i trialed 6 months ago/but maybe their new one is good.
The oticon pro is much better for conversation-one to one;and in crowds.
That is a good thing but I do struggle with behind the ear(RIC)–as i had CIC before and with long hair it gets tangled at times.But,the sound is better so making myself get used to new way of wearing a hearing aid.
I went to audiologist today-regarding a ‘shrill’ sound at times when listening to music,in car mainly,to date.awful shrill,and in music programme too.
as I had read here that we were able to remove feedback manager on the music programme.(disable feedback manager.i asked audio to do that and she said it would take it off all programmes as she was not able to see a seperate way of doing that just on music programme.She telephone rep of oticon(an audiologist) and she made other suggestions.Made some changes.

well,I am still finding ‘shrill’ on some music.Annoying,as i love music and all sorts of music.

I will see how it goes over next few days.
But,maybe feedback manager turned off maybe the way to go?
any suggestions anyone?

What hearing aid did you trial 6 months ago?
Are they still making the Widex Sensos?

I had a trialed widex passion–on a number of different settings/then oticon agil/and then oticon agil pro----which i am buying.
I would have liked to trial more ;but time did not allow–as urgently needed new aids as my old widex(of some years) were disfunctioning and had been repaired several times already!Plus i had to travel over seas,so became an urgency.
Just trying to sort out sound now.-as settings changed yesterday–in aim to stop ‘shrill’ type sound i hear on some recorded music.Actually,so far not impressed with change—

Did you try the Passion 115 or the Passion 440?
I will be looking to read from you about how the Oticon Agil’s do with music, not just conversation. I am in search of new hearing aids that are better with both conversation and music and TV speech than my Senso Diva’s.