Widex Remote Care App

I have the Widex Evokes 440 in the IP ite which are amazing for me. I have the clearest, richest and most accurate hearing I have ever experienced so it’s great putting them in everyday! I now have the remote care app on my phone which means with use of the neck loop I can arrange a call and the dispenser can then dial up via my mobile and fine tune the aids. It’s going to make such a difference moving forwards. Set ups will be so much easier and it will take away a lot of the stress that can occur. Also great if you have mobility issues or illness particularly in this current climate. I wanted to share what is a significant step forwards for me and I am sure will be appreciated by many. Great progress to making the often difficult hearing loss journey as comfortable and supported as possible.


Let us know how this works, please.

I think Phonak have something similar as well.

The dispenser needs to support the homecare set up. I am using Bloom Hearing in the UK. Register as a patient. They issue homecare neckloop (similar to device used for programming adjustments in dispenser’s office). Got home & charged it up. Downloaded Widex remote care App and paired with neckloop-it’s very easy and took about 1 minute, app downloaded and instantly paired. Arrange remote care appointment. They then telephone you at the specified time and will make adjustments remotely. You wear the neckloop and can see them on your phone, so can have a chat and make adjustments as necessary. I have one booked in tomorrow to add a quiet programme (studying from home & now children are doing so too so will help my concentration!). All making it so much easier. I will let you know how the session goes.