Widex Release Cycle


Hello, new user here. I’ve been browsing the forum and it looks like a helpful group of knowledgeable folks here. I hope I can contribute over time.

I have a question about Widex. I am looking at replacing my current Widex Dreams (circa 2013) with Widex Evoke Fusion 2 440’s. I have moderate hearing loss and tinnitus. My Dreams (including the Zen) were a life-saver and I have been very happy with Widex and its support. Recently got my annual hearing check. My hearing is stable and still within the parameters of the Dreams. My audi suggested the Evokes as I would like streaming from my iPhone and she feels that these aids would be a good match for me. I have done some research and like the apps that come with the Evokes, the ability to tailor certain sound situations, etc. I am a longtime IT professional and I like high-tech stuff. So, I am seriously looking at getting the Evokes. Here is my dilemma:

The Widex Beyonds were released in 11/2016. The Evokes were released in 4/2018. That is about a 17 month interval. If Widex upgrades on a reliable cycle (think Apple and iPhones) then a new version would be expected this fall. I’d hate to plunk down $7k+ on the Evokes only to have the next rendition come out a month or two later.

Since my current Dreams are still working I can wait a bit but I would like to get the sound improvements that I suspect have occurred over the past 6 years plus iPhone streaming, apps, etc.

So, does Widex have a predictable release schedule? Any ideas or advice is much appreciated. Thank you.



Hello, and welcome. I, too, have the Dream 330s and are near the five year cycle I have to replace. I understand what your dilemma is. The Evokes have been out a few years and there is this new methanol fuel cell on the horizon. The machine learning on the Evokes looks interesting but I would need a new Dex home landline as mine would not be compatible. I know there is direct streaming to iPhone only.
Would a new refresh bring in Android too?
I use a COM-DEX now and find it quite good as it is aptx quality Bluetooth.

My guess is a new platform might be in the spring. I’m going to wait because I will be using these for the next five years.



Also Widex and Sivantos have this merger going on. That can’t help a new release…



I also use the COM-DEX for streaming currently but my COM-DEX device must be pretty precisely hanging equal distance from both aids or one or the other aid will cut out. This is sometimes problematic while walking if the COM-DEX starts swinging side-to-side on its lanyard. Generally, though, it works quite well and delivers excellent streaming.

Thanks for the info. I’ll have to look up the fuel cell item. Generally, batteries are not an issue for me. The audi supplies them for free and I just swap new batteries in every week.



My son moved from the dreams to evokes, he says the sound is a lot more sophisticated and speech in noise word recognition went from 70% to 92%. I have the itc custom evokes & use com dex. He streams direct to iPhone. They have so much technology in them and the move was significant for both of us. Sometimes when a model is well established the fit process is more informed and teething issues ironed out. They are brilliant hearing aids.

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Thank you for the feedback about your experience. Very helpful. I will likely go ahead and get these new Evokes. You are correct that established products are more likely to have any issues ironed out.



Good point. I did some looking at the merger and it seems they will offer several brands, including Widex, under the new umbrella company. Hoping the merger does provide more funding for research. This is an area where technology (and miniaturization) can play such an important role.

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I’ve been wearing Widex for decades. I love them, aside from one product cycle that was a step back.

That being said, Widex corporate doesn’t share squat with their customers and their software/firmware updates have been non-existent.



Hi Jeff,
What product line are you currently wearing? The Evoke line released last year has already had three firmware updates to improve processing and usability. One of the nice things with Widex Evoke is that the firmware updates are delivered via your phone App, so you don’t need to wait for your next Audiologist visit to learn 1) if there is an update and 2) to have your hearing aids updated by him/her.



Beyond 440. Neither the app nor my firmware has had an update available in almost a year.



The merger was completed months ago and has zero impact on HA release dates. If anything the merger should speed things up since there is now more capital and manpower to produce new hearing aids.



You’re right and I hear crickets. There’s something up in Denmark. The Canadian website for Widex is a release behind in its graphics.

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As it happens I have the same Widex dilemma as you and I have decided to order the Fusion 2 Evoke 440 Rechargeables and not wait any longer.
My reasoning is:

  1. I cannot wait for Methanol Version 1A, HELLO! METHANOL! there will be issues and I will be the guinea pig.
  2. Z-Power is a recognized and proven energy source and although some say it’s inferior to Lithium-Ion that’s all They got!
  3. In the past 2 months I’ve had the opportunity to test all the majors and not one comes close to the Widex sound
    So I wish you good luck
    PS: I’m wondering what accessories to choose with the order? Is there anything like the Phonak Roger Pen which gets great reviews?


FYI, Widex is running a promotion through August. Buy an Evoke 440 or 330 Fusion2 and you get the TV PLAY for free ($425 value).




If you are talking about the TV-DEX they are around $125+ on eBay.



The TV PLAY is different than the TV-DEX.




Took a look at your link.
What’s different?
Hate to see members waste money.



They apparently have much in common (listening to TV) but work a bit differently. Here is a sheet that shows a comparison. The TV PLAY is currently free with the purchase of Fusion 2 Evokes. I have not used either device so cannot say if one or the other is better quality or a better value.




It looks like the TV link is a wireless connection to the aids where as the TV DEX uses a hang around the neck device between the aids and TV connection device.
Makes since now.



Okay. It seem Widex has a new release on the horizon, at least in Denmark. It’s called the Widex Enjoy. No more Sound Sense Learn. It says it has a new Dual Core chip which makes auto adjustments of sound environments faster without the need to adjust and spend more time to “enjoy life” ( their words ). They also say an “uncomplicated listening experience”.

I guess no more machine learning sent into the cloud? This is from the Danish site. There is no mention of a release date. They also have a Enjoy app not yet showing on iTunes. No Android except with with a loop device.