Widex RC-DEX broken

After about 15 months my Widex Remote quit working. As it was seldom used no action was taken at the time. My Widex Unique 440 (only use 1) died about a month later so I took both units back to the dealer. The hearing aid had to be sent back to Widex for warranty repair. The 440 has a 3 year warranty.

The RC-DEX remote apparently only had a 1 year warranty and the only option was to buy a new one for $350. Retired with fixed income so this is not an option.

I have an electronics background and checked the switches and as many components of the RC-DEX as I could but the problem is with the integrated circuitry - thus not field repairable.

Does anyone know of any place or web-site that may sell 2nd hand Remotes or any other device that can be programmed to work with the Widex 440?

Thank you


You might ask what the “repair” cost would be out of warranty. You might get a bit of a deal that way. Otherwise, just keep an eye on ebay.

If you know your way around EBay;

Current Listings EBay: Widex RC-DEX | eBay

Sold Listings EBay: Widex RC-DEX | eBay

Thanks for the info. I’ll keep an eye on EBay.