Widex questions and comparison to other brands

I and all the clinicians I work with program hearing aids to independent targets 99% of the time. With the exception of Oticon vac+, proprietary targets generally just provide less audibility (more comfort).

So here’s a question for users: hearing aids involve a certain amount of rehab to optimize hearing. Imagine you’re seeing a physiotherapist to strengthen your legs after an accident. Would you prefer your physio push you a bit beyond your comfort so that you end up with stronger legs, or would you prefer they be more gentle even though you may wind up with less mobility in the long run?


Thanks - what do you mean by “independent targets?” Is independent targets another word for NAL/NAL2? or does independent targets mean a target OTHER THAN the manufacturers Built in starting point?

Yes, NL2, DSL. Targets developed transparently by independent researchers.

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I have Widex Moment 330s. My audiologist set them up to the NAL/NAL2 standard instead of via the Widex standard setup process as in her consulations she had more satisfied Widex users when she did the former.
I certainly have had a good experience with my HAs over the past 2 years.

@user172 I initially had pain from clanging dishes and sudden bangs. I got my audiologist to install the standard Comfort program (available as an option in Target) as one of my preset programs, and this problem was solved. Widex created this program specifically to help users cope with the “clanging dishes” type of sound.

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I think this is a poor analogy. Ear drums and the fine bone structures of the middle ear and the auditory nerve are none of them similar to muscles and ligaments. One can’t push them into better condition by stressing them. One can’t exercise the eyes into better vision either, or push them by exposing them to bright lights and hoping they recover and become “stronger”. You get my point.

Moreover: I had a total knee replacement surgery. The PT would push me into real pain and I would spend the next several days getting back to where I was in my recovery before going to the PT. So I stopped going. Pain thresholds are there for a reason. And yes, I DID do recovery exercises. My knee works fine.

For those who have gone through CI Neville’s comment is spot on. The work to get your hearing back is not for sissies. Hearing aids are not far behind for those who went too long without aids when needed.

No, the ears will do what the ears do. It’s the brain that adjusts.

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Hi 545,

Four years ago, prior to my purchase of Widex Moment, I trialed at least 5 other major companies and found, hands down, Widex the most comfortable, so Great choice!

Two years ago I moved and also gave up my original Audio Tech who was excellent.

I found an acceptable replacement and every 6 months she tweaks my profile back to good enough.

1 month ago after a new audiogram I realized the tech was in fact a disaster.

I have since booked a second tech who too was incompetent

I researched audioprosthetist near me and came across someone with a great reputation.

My visit of 45 minutes with her was suppremely positive.

You have the the best HA’s so take time to research audioprosthetist procedures and find the best available one.

Good Luck